Thursday, June 2, 2011


  Finally a break this morning from this cold. I went about 7am and collected the metal fence posts and put them in the garden with the green beans. Other than 1/2 of 2 rows, they all came up despite the storm. I also replanted a few tomatoes later in the evening. Me and Megan grabbed some breakfast and she bought some material, says she wants to make quilts like Denise's mom does.

  I got the last of the components for the 3rd and final custom computer I anted to build and Matt built it pretty fast. Part Apple and part Windows, it's pretty cool. So I played switch-a-roo with the downstairs and Sunroom ones. The cool one stays in the downstairs, it lights up blue in it's clear case.

  Tonight the cold comes back though, straight into my lungs. Denise and Megan both had a relapse too. Missy says that a lot of people have it as well. Charlie is sailing through his 2nd chemo, right proud of him. This one is the last hopefully. Now they can maybe cut it out and he will be done. He did meet with the Radiologists today though. I pray that he will not need this. I'm still staying away from him because he doesn't need this junk.

  Mom was down and out today. She visits dad's grave 4-5 times a week. Today was a shocker. Jefferson Memorial Gardens had apparently decided to take all the flowers off all the graves. When she questioned why they said the flowers were old and faded. Dad, Annie, Papa, and the rest were all new. So then he said the storm had blown all the flowers off, except she was there yesterday and no flowers were blown off and no storm had come last night, just heat. They had collected a whole trailer full and a container full too. When she returned from getting the manager, the trailer was gone, but she got pictures. They had stripped hundreds of graves. He kept asking her< "Why do you think we'd be doing this?" 

  It placed in mind what we use to see at the office, only they are on a larger scale. A car would drive by rather slowly, the  return slowly back. By then you knew what was next. The car would come fairly quickly, pulling off the highway, often sliding to a stop with the passenger door slinging open many times before it stopped. Out would run a man or woman, like they were in a sprint, grab a preselected arrangement or something placed on or near a grave, then run back and speed off. Most of the times it was a new Cadillac, Hummer, and even once a new Porsche. Never old beater cars. After some time we began to call the cops, but they always got there too late to catch them, they were fast.

  Who does that? Who desecrates a grave? Eventually one was caught and they were reselling the flowers. I think this has to be the lowest form of life on earth, or at least one of them. Needless to say, mom was torn up.

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Andi said...

Terrible, just terrible that anybody would steal flowers from a grave. What is wrong those people?!?!