Thursday, June 16, 2011


Woke up this morning with my voice slowly coming back, but raw. I'm tired but that could also be the Benadryl that is making me sleepy. Just in case I've allergies since I've played in the weeds. Tonight even tea hurts to drink.

Me and Megan took the trash off here, mom's, and the office. I stayed in after that other than feeding the chickens and the cat that seems to have adopted me. He/she stays in the carport around back with the 65 Corvair, but this evening he was in the one with the 64 Corvair. I'd run him off but he was skinny when he came here and now he is fattening up. I hate to see anything hungry. I slept on and off all day today. I went later on this evening to the office and entered the data on a contract for mom on a HUD. There is a lot to foreclosures and it's all done by computers now and that was what I specialized in the last year and a half.

I actually watched some TV too, which is unusual for me. We all watched Swamp People tonight. I looked foe Sally's email and this is the second night she hasn't written which worries me. We have the same NHL but her's is far more advanced than mine. We've talked pretty much every night since we met on the Lymphoma Board, never met face to face though. She lost her husband Aubra about two years ago to this stuff. I'm getting a bit worried now. She always tells me when she heads for Vanderbilt to see Zic & Greer. I haven't seen them since 07 so they probably think I'm dead by now, lol.

I'm skipping my vitamins and herbs tonight since I've already managed to get my pills stuck and supper didn't go too well either. The last pill I thought I would not get it back up or down without aspirating on it. Too me a few minutes. Funny, I use to panic when stuff like that happened but now I remain calm and focus. Funny what one can get use to.

So maybe this is the start of getting it better. I had a little voice today but I didn't push it. I'm going to try and wait until my next appointment with Rathfoot at the end of the month. Maybe it will be better then and I'll avoid another surgery for a little while longer. Tonight the dogs bark again so that means I have to go out and investigate again.

All in all though it was a good day. Tomorrow I'll start fresh and who knows, may wake up and feel great. I've definitely found the limit again, and it is longer than the last time, so I'm making progress.


David said...

Good to see you feel like you're making progress, Anthony. I hope your friend contacts you soon, so if she does please let us know!

anthony7 said...

Sally responded back tonight. The storm that rolled through hit Knoxville a lot worse than we got and she was without cable and internet... still is. She signed up with another ISP host and got online tonight. I know here NHL is flaring up along with related issues. Thank God she is ok.