Saturday, June 18, 2011


Been a week. Happy Birthday Missy, sorry we didn't make it to the party. I fell asleep and slept for quite a while and Denise didn't wake me.

Josh got saved at Bible School Misty tells me. She questioned him and he knows what he is doing. Way to go Josh, we're proud of ya.

The meds seem to be helping my throat so I think it was yeast. I'm still down a bit. Last night I faltered on my responsibility. The dogs went off and so did the peacock that stays on this side. Then the motion light went off. I didn't check it out until I heard a dog yelp in pain. One of the pups (about 60-70 lbs) was on the ground. This morning it was dead. That will not happen again no matter how bad I feel. From here on out I'll be outside at the first signs and waiting. Few things make me mad, but this was one. Macy was Megan's favorite pup.


Andi said...

What killed the dog?

anthony7 said...

We still aren't sure. They were in the yard behind the fence.