Thursday, June 30, 2011


First and most importantly....


  Denise has been off this week and we've worked, or rather she has worked more than I, around the house and in the garden. At night we've watched movies she rented and I think I have my fill of TV now, except for Swamp People, love that show. 

  The visit to Rathfoot went well. He said if it was the first time he had seen me he would be panicked, but since he has been with me through the whole thing he was pleased. I'm showing some progress, enough that he is happy with it. I have to do a sleep study and he thinks I need Oxygen at night. If I understood correctly then the sleep apnea or something like that may be slowing the healing process. He said we have a long ways to go yet but we're making progress. Before he thought my throat would not tolerate O2 and now it will. Megan went with us and saw her first time of watching the scope go through my nose and into my throat. Think she was a little grossed out, lol. 

  The Bandanna worked great, when soaked with water. It probably looks funny but it works. The cool water also help with the heat, an added benefit. It blocks the sun from the front of my throat and when I mowed I pulled it up like a mask and it filtered pretty well too. I'm going to get some of my hair cut, this is aggravating me. 

  The insurance company sent another adjuster out, which was a nice guy. So far it appears to be better, then again I thought that the last time too. So far it's been a nightmare. I'll not count this good until it is all said and done. At least it seems we're not hung in limbo now. I'm still not sure what was done, so I'll not speculate openly, but I got a pretty good idea. It is a shame what this world has become. Hopefully though this will soon pass, everything passes eventually. Thing is, do we really want to see how and where we stood one day when it does. I guarantee that will happen. Is a dollar worth that.      


Anonymous said...

Hey Anthony, it's Shanna from STL MO. Glad to see you making some progress. My boyfriend is 28 and has sleep apnea. He had a sleep study done and uses a CPAP now. He doesn't get oxygen, just regular air to keep his airway open. It has helped him with his apnea episodes a lot. I also new someone that had to get a CPAP that lost 40 pounds after he got his. I bet it will improve your circulation and definitely help promote healing for you, in many different ways.
Do you have any green tomatoes in your garden yet? I love fried green tomatoes fried in fish fry. I can't remember what kind I use, I just know the bag is blue and white.
Take care in the heat and humidity, and have a happy 4th of July!

anthony7 said...

Hey Anonymous,
Thanks for the info on that. Man I hop I lose weight. I'll have O2 if I understood him right.

Thats all we have so far is green tomatoes. When one gets close to ripe the birds eat them. I'm placing a net over and around them soon. Denise is the big tomato eater. I just like growing them.