Monday, June 27, 2011


Man, it's actually the 28th and here I set at 1am knowing I have to go visit Rathfoot tomorrow morning. I dread the scope up the nose but at the same time look forward to knowing how things are. My throat is a little tight tonight on the side the tumor was, but I think that was from being out in the garden and mowing 2 yards without sunscreen and a mask. My bad.

We went to Morristown today to Hobby Lobby, I bought some large handkerchiefs, more like bandannas. I don't care much for sunscreen and forget to use it a lot, so I thought maybe wrapping them up like we done in the 70s and tying them around my neck, soaked in water. It should serve 2 purposes, keep the body temp down and block the sun. If this works it's haircut time.

I still haven't talked with Larry yet, but that is on the list. I'm still working with this insurance on the houses. What a mess they have it in. I think I'm getting to the bottom of what is wrong, and there is a lot wrong so far. Unethical is a compliment at best. I think that is part of the reason along with nerves, still worked up a bit. Tonight the storm is back, hopefully without the hail and little to no water.

The neuropathy shows no progress at all, but oddly enough I'm use to it, except when it kicks into overdrive. I'm even use to the teeth... kinda. I know why horses don't like bridles, lol. But, life goes on. I'm adding a pic of the garlic we grew.


Cali said...

Last Tuesday I woke up feeling nauseated and shortly began throwing up blood. After much high drama and even resuscitation and some time on a ventilator it seems that I have a two centimeter bleeding ulcer. Let's throw another log onto my personal house-a-fire that is my health, shall we? I have a new appreciation for what you go through with the scoping now. It is just NOT natural to put a tube up someone's nose and down into the person's stomach! And it hurts!!!

CourtneyC said...

Yay for the pics! Great to see you smiling and out in the sunshine. Praying you get a good report from the doctor!

David said...

Good grief Cali,

That sounds horrible! I certainly am no expert in ulcers (what so ever), but hopefully you will keep that stomach acid down. No stressing the small stuff! :) I will pray for ya.

Anthony, I love the pics! You should post them more often. Seriously, you look great! With all of your self-deprecating humor, I was (jokingly) expecting you to look terrible! ;)

Good luck with your appointment. Just try and relax and know that God is with you either way.