Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I'm finally out and about, now I'm tired and sore, lol. I love it. We started the day with no power. It went off about 6am. I fumbled down the hall and went out on the back porch, what a lightening show it was, all around us. Denise would have feel over if she saw me out there watching.

  I picked bean, Peanut Beans today. Denise broke most of them. I have a row and a 1/2 left of that type. Lotta work, little bean, big flavor. I'm just taking my time, weeding as I go and training them. Taking breaks when it becomes too much (thought I'd never say that). I sent Josh back with Tomatoes and cucumbers, sent mom a tomato too. On the beans we should get at least 14 quarts of what we have now.

  I got a disturbing email from Sally tonight, she is very ill. The Targetin has caused a bad effect on and she has a fever. I met Sally and Aubra (deceased now) on the Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma board. We have the same kind only Aubra's was more advanced than Sallys and hers more advanced than mine is. Please remember tonight to pray for her to get better. She is a good woman. 


Cali said...

What's a peanut bean? Nobody in CA grows them so I've never even heard of them before I started reading here.

My garden isn't doing so well this year. But it's starting to look better now that we've finally had a few hot days. I'm glad because this would have been the third year in a row for abject garden failure. The first year it failed because of forest fires and smoke, then last year it just didn't get hot enough. One weird thing is happening this year that I've never seen before-- my crooknecks have BER (blossom end rot) and it's not due to a lack of nutrients as they are planted in a pot of Miracle Grow organic garden soil! It's just weird. No tomatoes yet, but it hasn't been hot enough until recently for them to do their thing.

anthony7 said...

Cali, I'm going to respond on a new post so I can put up an old picture of them.