Thursday, July 21, 2011


I've had some good days despite the heat. Kind of pushing it a little with picking the beans but have to do them as they come due. Megan came out to get more beans to string and break and watched for quite a while while I picked and a Bumble Bee pollinated everywhere I was picking. At times he was close enough to land on my hand and never more than 3 inches from it. This is what I have tried to teach her and she is learning quite well. He has his job to do and I have mine, that makes us friends. We can both work together, even in the same space in peace.

I think between the weeds and sun I must have slightly overexposed, throat is a little swelled and tight. I figure that as slow as I am we have about 3 or 4 more days, then I'll let the rest go to seed for next year. Denise has canned 49qts so far of beans and now the tomatoes are ready, plus the new pickling cucumbers. We are all 3 tired. I think there is at least one Banana Mellon, my father-in-law gets the first and/or the best one. He is wheelchair bound now and he grew them many years ago. Brings him good memories back of when he grew them, plus a good taste too.

Charlie is in pain and a bit down, but I think he is doing good. I took them some tomatoes over but he can't eat them. He is done with chemo and half way through radiation. A bit negative but I totally remember that myself and can relate.

We got our check from the insurance today and I've looked it over. They cut some things back but done well on others. It won't totally fix everything but it's close enough, I'm tired of fighting. Pete's guys finished all but the skylight on our house. I wasn't expecting them this soon but it's great as long as those with more damage are taken care of. They done a great job on it. Those guys had to be wiped, yesterday's heat index I'm told was 107. It was like being in a sauna. I started picking beans early this morning again and sweat just rolled off immediately, I couldn't imagine being on a roof. God bless all those who are out in this stuff. Weather like this, I don't miss the brown truck. :)


David said...

Hi Anthony,

I live in Houston so I can completely relate to the horrendous heat we've been getting. Heck just walking to my OFFICE from my CAR in the MORNING was difficult today! (Could I sound more spoiled or what?)

I completely agree as well about blessing the ones that have to work outside in this heat during the summer. I seriously do not know how they do it.

When I lived in Canada, I thought the same about the people that built houses in the winter. Now that I live here, I really do not know whats worse. Houston summer or Manitoba winter.

Oh well, I'm just blessed to have A/C here and had a heater in Canada. Not much to complain about, I daresay.

Lastly, I will continue to pray for Charlie. I really do wish him this best and I hope your positivity can rub off on him a bit. ;)

anthony7 said...

Thanks David for the prayers for Charlie. It was hot again today.