Friday, July 22, 2011


Hot again today and I picked beans again. I climbed up on the roof and found they had busted the Chimney, not flashed it properly, and I think the junk they put on it isn't heat proof. I wonder if this is partially what starts house fires. This was their 2nd attempt to do a simple task. Combined with 2 other things that the Three Stooges, and my words of great job went poof. Followed by ending their working on anything else. I seldom get mad but I did this time.

Misty has female problems, they think maybe cancer in her lady parts. She is in pain tonight and bleeding. Please pray for her.

Sally has the NHL spreading yet again. She is having a bad time with it.

I got beans picked but from the bleeding in (I guess my bowels where it comes out from), it's maybe from taking the pills on an empty stomach in the mornings.

I have 4 rows to pick over again, then we're done for a while. Time to pick the rest of the garden.

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