Thursday, August 4, 2011


Charlie got to come home today. I think he is glad to be back and seems like he is ready to fight. His voice sounds good.

I stayed and goofed around, think I may have found that limit yesterday. :) Still a bit weak and my throat is swelled a little, actually quite a lot. So I researched materials, took measurements of our garages and Misty's house, and worked figures. There was a day not too long ago I would have been able to then do the work. If I could figure out how to mange my footing and possibly a few good days I still could.

I cut the pods of the Okra that was ready, Denise gets this cutting. Spent some time petting the Donkeys, Goats, Dogs, and a cat that seems to have adopted me. Watched and fed the chickens, the peacocks following me everywhere I went. They've shed their tails now but they still try and fan.

So tonight Denise fixed fried Squash, Green Beans, Potatoes, and Chicken with crunchy Onions. We're eating and a front tooth breaks off, of all times and places, in the front. My gums are giving way. I should have let them pull them when they wanted too, but I just wanted a break from the pain. My dentist is closed until Monday and we've changed insurance and haven't got the card yet. This tooth is a live one. The cap next to that one I Gorilla Glued on a few months back, I expect it will cave next. It is a dead tooth though. So far the pain isn't too bad, I've had worse.

We're suppose to ride bikes this weekend and unless it rains we still are. I think Denise and me both need it, I know we do. Maybe even Saturday. I've Gorilla Glued this one back on but there just isn't enough gum left for it to hold pressure on, so I doubt it will stay. At least it will maybe leave a film so that air don't hit it. It's still Dog Days so I'll put off having them all pulled if I can. Note to God... I need a break.


Cali said...

Walmart sells a dental repair kit near the toothpaste that is meant to be a temporary filling, but it can be used to cap off a broken tooth until you get to the dentist. I've used it many times and it helps. Not only does it block out the air, but it covers up any sharp edges. It comes in a tiny little plastic tub, not much bigger than a tooth, actually. But it's not expensive and it's easy. It probably won't hold up through eating, but is easy to re-apply. Essentially it's a putty. You take a small amount out of the tub and roll it into a ball and then press it onto the broken tooth. You press it firmly and your tongue can sort of wipe away the excess. Then you just leave it alone for half an hour or so and it hardens like cement. I wish I could remember the name of the stuff so you'd know what to buy, but it's not like there are a lot of choices. It just seems to me that ANYTHING would be better than putting GORILLA GLUE in your mouth!

Lori Bei Durst said...

Hi Anthony, I haven't been around much....glad to see you are still kickin around you crazy guy!
Hang in there.....hope your ride goes well and that your tooth stays in! Fondly, Lori

anthony7 said...

Cali, Thanks, I'll pick some up. I dug the tooth part out of the cap, filled it with Gorilla Glue, then pressed it into the gum. The tooth broke slightly below the gum line. So far so good. I've ate twice... carefully, and it has stayed on. That may not be the case tomorrow when I awake though, the one next to it is becoming loose too. Guess I'll cave in and have them pulled like the Dentist wanted to back then. He said the chemo had destroyed my gums and my teeth were becoming brittle without saliva, radiation took that away.

Lori, Thanks, wondered where you've been. Man we're looking forward to riding. I want to heard for Cherokee,NC, through the Smokies. Usually we head for the mountains in Middlesboro, KY. They do have a cool tunnel to ride through up there. Both are about the same distance. Push comes to shove we will look to see which one is dry and head that way. We have mountains all around us.