Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Stupid Day

Charlie is drinking, but he isn't eating. Somehow though his immunity is building and he may get to come home by week's end. They're trying to get him to walk.

This was my stupid day today. I started out going out the door. Before I shut the door I do a quick check. Truck keys, house keys, door locked, billfold, check book, all check. So I close the door and open the gate, teeth, uncheck, so back in I go.

I decide, despite the news warning on bad air quality and record breaking heat that I would bush hog the hill. The I decide that I since Jackie Sue had called about building a fence and not being able to keep it on the property line, I'd check it like she suggested to see if it was ok. Stupid move #3.

Neuropathy and crossing fences are not a good idea. I watch my feet, firmly planted and positioned on the fence wire, cross one leg over, holding onto the post. That is about when I placed weight on the left shoulder I had worked on and it gave. Twisted my feet, I'm guessing out of reflex which I fell on the fence and a barb stuck into the inner part of my leg and barbs into my hands and arms. I'm thinking though a metal pole to the face would have been worse.

I'm stuck at that moment and for some ignorant reason I think maybe I'll use my cell and call somebody to help. Except my cell requires use of my hands which are keeping my face off the pole, plus I got myself into this mess and I can get out of it. So I watch my feet, get back on the wire a bit higher and swing the leg that has the barb in it over. It did as I suspected and cut it's way out, more like slashed. Other than a small tear, my pants weren't hurt, thank God for baggie pants, lol. I couldn't help but laugh at myself after it was over. Crossing back I was a bit more careful and less confident.

I start bushhogging and I watch the gauge on the tractor to make sure it doesn't get overheated. I even took a break in the shade to cool down a bit. Wore my bandanna over my mouth and nose. The air started gently blowing on the hill. That went from feeling like I was breathing in an oven to breathing in a convection oven, lol. In my mind I thought maybe 15-20 acres and I'd stop. The last time I bushhogged I got to do more steroids and some other junk, didn't turn out too well.

At about 5-7 acres the tractor still wasn't too hot, I was. My leg was still throbbing a bit, but the bleeding had stopped. I'd sweated the blood off my hands and arms, don't have much feeling there, so that wasn't too bad. Then the throat started swelling and I started getting pressure in my chest. I took another break, got off the tractor and away from the engine heat. Started back up and again they both started. By the third time I decided maybe it was time to stop, especially when I started getting a bit disoriented. I didn't worry too much at first, I had my nitro with me. Then I thought about how that would feel on the throat. So I quit.

I managed to get back home before Denise called and caught me, except I parked the tractor a different place, beside the garage. It should have been out of sight or maybe turned around. A bush hog is a little hard to miss when it's attached to the tractor, lol.

So here it is 12:30 and I just realized that I left the eggs on top of a pen outside. Took a bath in the storm. Throat back tight and hard to breathe. I think maybe I'll have stupid tattooed on my forehead. :)


Cali said...

Nah, that tattoo on your forehead doesn't say "stupid," it says "stubborn." But not to worry, it's just because you haven't yet learned to modify your expectations of yourself. When you were healthy you could do much, much more than you can now. But this too shall pass and then you'll be right back at it. :)

Julie said...

I agree with Cali. I am reading your post thinking, "Ok this guy had a heart attack, cancer, and the heat is incredible where he lives(I'm in Indiana so I know what TN is having). One cannot say you're lazy, that's for sure. In fact I give you credit for your courage to write this story where your wife can read it! My guess is she knows you well enough by now but I'm sure she had a thing or two to say about your day. :)

On another note, I read somewhere that you are doing more reading since "that night". I am still fixated on the NDEs that people have and am curious as to what you are reading. Is it just the Bible or are there other books as well? Reading is the only thing I can multi-task at and can add a book into my repertoire at a moment's notice. So if you don't mind me asking, whatcha reading?

Colette said...

Hi Anthony, I have just had the pleasure of seeing your story on I survived beyond and back and just wanted to thank you for sharing it. The whole programme was definitely from the soul and I have recorded it so that I can share it with others. You were blessed to have such an experience and it fits in with exactly what I would imagine. Well done on the blog, that is a committment thats for sure. Are you on facebook cos I would link in there. Hope you and your family are doing well despite the pressures of illness. You are an inspiration, the programme has just aired here and I have no doubt a lot of Irish people who had the luck to watch it, are sitting there soaking it all in and wondering what it all means for them. Take care of yourself and thanks again. Colette

anthony7 said...

Hi Julie, Yep, I was busted. I figured she'd see the blood in my pant legs, so after she saw the tractor I confessed. I keep hitting the starter button and I figure one day I'll start back up, lol. I set and look around some time and wonder how we done it all. For that matter why, lol.

I've read a lot of things aside from the Bible. On the web I read some stuff from The Lion and Lamb, Chris White, Watch Unto Prayer. Book wise I read some pretty wild stuff, currently Steven Quayle. I read some of Tom & Nita Horn's books and one of Minister Fortson.

anthony7 said...

Hi Colette, Thank you for the kind words and compliments. We're doing ok so far. I am on Facebook under Anthony Kimbrough in TN with a picture of me and Denise. My hairs a bit longer and my beard too. God Bless, Anthony

anthony7 said...

Hi Cali, lol, I'm stubborn, that's for sure. Denise gets tickled at me sometimes and aggravated by me other times. I see all this stuff I use to do and keep trying to do it. One day maybe. I do some pretty stupid things anymore. Actually, I think I done them before too, I've just slowed down enough to see them. lol

Cali said...

I just sent you a friend request on Facebook. I meant to send a message so you'd know it was me, but clicked send instead of "add note." Sorry. BTW, my real name is Toni Carrell. I never do this (link my real name and my screen name, but...) so, if you could delete this comment after you read it, I'd really appreciate it.

Julie said...

I would like to send you a Facebook link thing or whatever, as well. I rarely get on my Facebook page but will here shortly. Please look for it.

anthony7 said...

Hey Julie and Cali (Toni), got you all added. Thanks.