Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dentist & Tests again

  I haven't spent much time as usual on the web lately and a lot of that has been researching again. Rick and Al started reworking the front porch today and will probably finish it tomorrow. They are perfectionists. I had almost lost faith in people taking some pride in their workmanship, but these guys build it like it is theirs.

  I'm wore out today, I done a sleep study last night. The people there were great and the atmosphere was good. Now that Swamp People has gone off I have a new show, Top Shots, but it wasn't on last night. No internet there, only TV. I have no idea what that show was or was even about, but it was boring, I'm not a big TV fan.

   I'm not sure but I think I had more leads and wires hooked on me than a new car does. I took a sleeping pill though and was able to finally go to sleep. They woke me up once to ask if I could breathe through my nose. I didn't ask how I done but I was told I was one of the, if not the, loudest snorers they've ever had. I don't think that was a good thing, lol. Now for the fun part, if I fail I have to do this crap again! Well at least the people that are there are nice.  This is the first time since I was in the hospital when the chemo and radiation went sour. Denise stayed there all but one night with me.

 I finally caved though on my teeth. I've got two Gorilla Glued in, smack in the front too. One is giving some pain and both are becoming lose again. I give up, or in, depending on perspective I guess. Either way, same thing. So I rushed home this morning to wash the junk out of my hair and pull the remaining electrode pads off. Grabbed me, Megan, and mom some breakfast, took my barrage of pills, then took off. Dr Steltzman checked me out and hooked me up with Dr Boyd. He will make the impression a couple of weeks after the extractions are made to get a better fit. On the good hand I have the best working on me. On the bad side I'll be toothless, save the two in the bottom to hold my partial on.

   Man I hope I heal fast. I'll be at least three weeks with no teeth. From the steroid weight gain though, it probably ain't a bad thing. Either my feet are shrinking or my view is more restricted, same shoe size, so I'm guessing the view is blocked, lol. Here lately though it seems like I'm not doing so great at healing. My skin is like paper and after it's torn it don't want to heal back. Then again it's been Dog Days so maybe now that it has passed things will go back to normal.

   The garden is pretty much over now, the green beans I've let go to seed (eat your heart out Monsanto). A few more peppers and odds and ends, but it's about ready to tear down. I really don't want to go out without teeth, so I'll have plenty of time to do that. In about October it will be time to plant the Garlic, but aside from that, the season is over.  


Josephine said...

Shalom, Anthony!

Just to let you know, I'm praying for you and your family.

Here are some reading materials that will not only encourage you, but will also bring you much blessings:


The Father's Love
Part 1 -
Part 2 -

Daystar TV @ 9.30 a.m.

God is with you!


Julie said...

Hi big guy, sorry about the teeth. Reminds me of when you were in Heaven and everything was perfect. You WILL get perfect teeth again someday. Sometimes I try to imagine what kind of food there will be in Heaven. Hot fudge sundaes, all you can eat with no weight gain!

Ok I am reading Apollyon and wow, that's some heavy stuff. These people sure do their research. You said you were doing research as well. What on? I studied prophecy about 20 years ago. It's got my attention again thanks to what all is happening on this earth. I'm listening to Hal Lindsey and Chuck Missler with some Perry Stone thrown in. (get it? thrown in? haha)

Glad you are writing again. Was wondering about you.


anthony7 said...

Hi Josrphine, Thank you for the reading material. I peaked and noticed there is also videos, that great. Thank you.

Julie, Apollyon Rising ? By Tom Horn? Good book. I'm reading some Steve Quayle now, read "As The Days Of Noah were" by Dante. I like them both but there are bits and pieces I'm on and sometimes over the fence on.

I've gotten the first part of a piece written but not the last or second part, have it on another board. The ones that have read it say it's looog but informative. If You want to read it just email me.

Sandra said...

Hi Anthony,

I've come to your blog through seeing you on Beyond and Back, and recalling what you said on the show about being a terrible writer, I'd beg to differ with you on that. From reading a few of these entries, I think you've got a narrative "voice" that most novelists would wish they could write as well as you!

Best wishes and keep writing...

anthony7 said...

Sandra, Thanks Sandra for the compliment. I actually speak as bad as I write though, maybe worse. :) Sometimes Denise or Misty proof reads it but usually I'm just solo and even so often look and wonder what I was saying, lol. But I do thank you for the compliment.