Monday, September 26, 2011


I went and got my impression made today. I go back Wed for a fitting. Then Monday for the finished product... TEETH! I may bite myself to see if it's real.

  I quit the Predisoine (spelling), we could  not get the yeast infection to die down, so I stopped taking it. I go Monday and will tell Rathfoot that I stopped. I don't think it will be a big deal. If it is I'll apologize and go back on it. I've got a few other pills in mind too. Denise will catch on but if she sees I'n fine without them she'd be ok with me not taking them.

  Matt is working his butt off, I glad for him and proud of him. Annie is in nursing school and Megan will go to Graphic Arts.

  We've 2 garage roofs to put on and some soffit when Michael gets me the price.. Oh yea, the shutters for both houses.

  Denise caught a cold and I think she is sharing the wealth. :)


David said...

Hi Anthony,

I was wondering if you would be willing to give a brief summary of the people you talk about in your blog. Please forgive me as I tend to be absent minded an forget who's who!

I of course know Denise is your wife, but after that I tend to get forgetful at times.

Congrats on your teeth by the way!!

anthony7 said...

Hi David, I'll be glad to. Denise (wife), Misty, Annie, & Megan (daughters), Matt (Son-in-Law), Josh, Brandon, Alexandra, Kaden (grandkids). (also Brando is called BB but I also have a cousin named called BB who is married to Janet, Alexandra is called Alex and sometimes Baby, and Kaden's nickname is Little Man. Annie was also my great grandmother's name and who Annie (daughter) is named after, Papa was her husband. The ones I refer to as mom and dad are actually my grandparents that raised me. Mark is one of my cousins that lives nearby.

anthony7 said...

Some I forgot David, Sally is a friend I made years back on the Lymphoma Board. She, her late husband Aubra, and I have the same Non Hodgkin Lymphoma. Glenda is a friend I have had for many years. We met when I owned a hatchery and she had a magazine I advertised in. Tina is birth mother, Charlie step father. Bobbie is Mark's wife and Joey is Joe's son. Joe was my cousin I was also raised with, murdered at I think 20 years old. Bob (old man) was my bio dad, he died of cancer. Bonnie is my step mom. Jody and William are 1/2 brothers, Perry step brother, Dawn & Lynn are 1/2 sisters. Keith is BB's brother. I grew up with BB, Keith, Mark, & Joe. Dorthy is their mother.

David said...

Now that was perfect! Thank you Anthony. That clears everything up for me :)

anthony7 said...

Just noticed, Michael Franke is a contractor that replaced our windows and shutters. He is also supposed to get me a figure on doing soffit on our house. Rick and Al were the ones who built Misty & Matt's deck and re-floored and finished our front porch. No kin there. There was a time that I would have done the work myself, but for now, that time is past so I wanted people who would do quality like it was their own.

I think it is only now that I learn the frustration that dad had. He knew how to do things and had always done things, his body just would not cooperate.