Tuesday, September 27, 2011


  I took 5 mg of Prednisone tonight. I think I made a mistake just stopping cold turkey. I'm passing quite a lot of fresh blood again and cramping in my stomach. I go next week to Rathfoot and maybe I will not have to tell him I've stopped. My throat feels better some though, seems the other meds are fighting off the thrush mouth and yeast infection in my mouth and throat.

  Denise has been sick for the last few days now. I've hovered just right above  getting sick, but I've stayed on about 6k iu of vit D. I get my first trial frame fitting of the top plate tomorrow. I'll not stay inside much due to the massive CME in the region 1302 here all week.  

  My friend Sally isn't doing to well with her radiation. She is in pain and the stress of her mother has taken a bad turn. Please pray for them.


David said...

Interesting that you are keeping up the Vitamin D regiment. I personally GREATLY believe in the power of Vitamin D, so I certainly hope it does well for you.

anthony7 said...

I've done D for a while now, when I could swallow better C too. Curcumin is also great.