Friday, October 21, 2011


What a way to start the day. I woke up a little after 4am to use the bathroom. I didn't have anything to drink so I decided to go downstairs and get a Sierra Mist. Megan had done the usual and tossed her towels down the stairs. I was sleepy and wasn't paying much attention. I remember heading down the stairs and the next thing I knew was looking and seeing my hand on the landing in front of my face with my ring fingertip laying over the pinky finger at the 2nd joint. I was on my neck, back to the wall and the other arm was behind me. Blood was on the floor.

  I yelled for help but my voice isn't all that strong. Megan probably had her hearing aides out and Denise was in bed at the other end of the house. After a while I figured nobody could hear me and I couldn't yell any louder. I couldn't get situated so that I could get up. So I jerked until I ended up flat down. Once down I walked up the stairs and at the top yelled for Denise. She heard me.

    I showed her my finger and she looked shocked. I didn't realize how fast she could get dressed. She said let's go, but I was in my PJs without a shirt. I went in my bedroom and grabbed my pants, Denise grabbed me a shirt, slipped my shoes on and off we go to the hospital. I was and still am in pain.

 Now comes the funny part. We get to the ER and a young doctor came in.  I showed him my hand and asked if he was going to numb it. He reached to my hand, grabbed my finger and bent it back almost to where it should be, then walked out. I wasn't sure where he went, he just left the room. I looked at my finger, seen it wasn't still where it should be, so I set it the rest of the way. The ER Doctor comes in and say "Awe, you've already set it, I was wanting to do that". Then he tells me he needs to give me a shot, guess what of. Morphine.

  Now I'm no doctor but shouldn't that have been given first? I didn't have enough confidence to show him anything else. No anti-inflammatory meds or nothing. They took 3 X-rays, then told me to go home and keep it elevated and on ice, like I had a choice after the shot. :) I thank God for neuropathy which lessened the pain. I wasn't aware that fingers could go that far without breaking. So we go home and Denise has to get ready for work now.

  I checked out the rest of my pains when we got home. I think my elbow is maybe fractured, either that or the bone in on spot is extremely bruised. I got cuts on my elbow, forearm, head, and a huge gash in my shin.  My neck and back are killing me along with the right knee. After the Morphine wore off I began to feel the index finger on the left hand and the thumb on my right hand, both are swelled.  I feel like I've been in a car wreck. Man I dread tomorrow. I probably should have gone to a real doctor. Morristown Hamblen Hospital seems to be lacking something there. We got far better and concerned service taking Sasha to the Vet in White Pine.

  So most of the morning I iced it down and waited out the effects of the Morphine. Then I got bored, but even taking the lid off a Mt Dew is a task. Sooo, what to do. I done the top part of the wall in the Sunroom insulation, which wasn't much. I think I've had to rest my finger at least a dozen times. I do believe it is time for the Popsicle sticks. :) I usually hold onto the handrail and I'm guessing that I still was when I got my foot in the towel. The only thing that would put a gash, especially the size of the missing skin on my shin is the part of the ceiling that is about 7 foot high in the stairway.  So I assume that I must have done one of those Hollywood stairway rolls, lol.

  Megan has felt guilty all day and worried about me and Denise being mad at her. She has been told at least a hundred times not to do that, but kids don't listen. I think she got that part from me, lol. I did go over no more doing that and now with an example why. As far as being mad, not much point in that. It is what it is and what has happened has happened. It could have been worse. I know today Denise was tired. I've apologized many times over for that. This day too will pass. For now, I go soak with a new book in a hot tub. I dread tomorrow, but it shall pass. Time will heal.

  So this day ends with I'm sore and hurting. Denise is worn out. Megan is finally back being Megan. (Hopefully without the towel toss). :) 


Lori Bei Durst said...

My word! So sorry to hear about your fall and stress for Denise. I can't believe the ER was that incompetent! Yikes! Please continue to take good care of each other and get things looked at on Monday! Lots of love heading your way! :o)

anthony7 said...

Thanks Lori.

David said...

Wow! I just read this post today (the 26th) and man that must have NOT been fun, Anthony! I'm glad it all turned out ok though!

anthony7 said...

Denise remembered the day better than I did and I overheard her telling her sister about the doctor and the blonde headed nurse discussing which stockings she should buy. I just have spots here and there I remember. I'm not even sure where we parked.

Cali said...

Goodness gracious! I don't check in for a couple of weeks and you go and darned near kill yourself! As I've read ahead I know you end up ok and healing well, thankfully. I don't know what to say about that doctor and his behavior. That definitely needs to be addressed.

anthony7 said...

To make it even better.... I got a bill for 700.00 from them! I think I was suppose to go back to Dr Schindler this week for a follow-up but I forgot, so I'll go next week. About all healed up except 1 finger and thumb, but I think he'll be impressed. :)