Tuesday, October 18, 2011


  Al and Mr Fox got the rafters finished today in the Sunroom and done a great job. So now we're down to the roofs on the garages and outbuildings, plus trim. Michael is going to do under the porch in soffit, and I probably spelled that wrong, and the shutters. Denise is anxious and was a bit disappointed when the wrong color came in, but we've lived without shutters since the house was built, whats a few more weeks. :) I started he stone work for the front sidewalk, it's ground level so I know I can't fall, lol. I would say I can't get hurt but I stubbed the little finger I broke a while back. I'll try and reset it again tonight.

  I think I should have put a bandanna on my neck though, a bit tight today and tonight, a bit hard to breath and painful. Then again it could be where I'm allergic to the concrete when it's dry.

  We put the garlic out today, wanted to wait until tomorrow but rain tonight and tomorrow, so we done it today. Out of 3 calendars 2 showed today and tomorrow and 1 just showed tomorrow for the signs to be right to plant. We done 6 rows 25 feet long and a 7th row that is maybe about 5 feet long. I think it's the same amount we done last year. The neuropathy eased off a little today, now if the knees will give me a break.

  Duddy came over on his bike. Beautiful Harley Bagger. I was surprised to see him come, usually he says he is coming but never makes it. We worked together at UPS. He was my Christmas helper sometimes, loader, and when I got hurt they had me ride with him to give him tips, like he really needed that, he was/is good. Then I ran across Igor, aka Breeze, at the Credit Union today. He has his own route now. He had pictures of his girls in his Package Car, man they've grown. I checked out the new DIAD and the automatic gas car. When I started there none of the cars even had power steering or for that matter synchronized first gears. Fans were not allowed. Now they have all of that, but too much technology. The employees are what made that place happen and put things together. Makes me worry about my retirement checks now that they're not.      

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