Friday, October 28, 2011


Slow but steady improvement. Still walking a bit slower and cautiously. Fingers still sore but all except one pops now. Muscle pain better, neck even improved a bit, still tender. Since it was raining, me and Megan went to Food City to get some food, Megan got some movies. I made sure I got non rGBH milk, but messed up even worse and bought Ultra-Pasteurized because it said Organic. Like Extra Virgin Olive Oil is worse that Olive Olive oil, pasteurization is too...oops.

  Megan done better than I, one of her movies she got is named "Soul Surfer" , which The Blind Side stands in shadow of this true story. I wasn't aware Hollywood could even produce anything like that these days. I'd about challenge one to watch this without a tear.

  We went looking, after Denise came home, for Cell Phones. We're torn between Net10 and Straighttalk. We've decided to leave AT&T. My phone number will be the same. After Wednesday our email will change too, well at least mine will. It will no longer be but will change to  I close my Suntrust account out as soon as I know the UPS/IBT retirement check goes into the Credit Union, then Bye-Bye bank. I've been reading a book that at first I said wasn't worth reading, then kept on reading it for some reason. It's quite good actually and gets better as it goes along. It's called, "Not The Father Of Our Fathers. How The Doctrine of Demons Have Entered Our Churches". Not that I agree with everything he says, but it makes one think.

  Monday will come too soon, Rathfoot appointment and where I'll be getting a machine to sleep with. I'll have a chat with him on the amount of pressure on it.  

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