Monday, October 31, 2011

Rathfoot Follow-Up

  We went to Dr Rathfoot for the follow up for the Sleep Study. He went over it and decided to not do the C Pap due to the throat not being able to withstand the pressure. He prescribed O2 instead. He looked into my throat and said whatever I was reacting to had apparently left, no more allergic reaction. They are suppose to come tomorrow. A good friend is a rep as well as Larry who is the owner of the company is where we went too. So we're trying this and maybe some more injections in the area if needed in about 3 months.

  Misty has a mass and is scheduled for surgery in the morning. It is some kind of infection, but they aren't sure what. He is  doing her surgery Immediately. They also found she has Gall Stones. They forgot the first thing. Prayers and good wishes for her please. She has 4 kids, all small.

As for my healing from the stairs, the fingers are showing slow improvement. The back C5&C6 are till swelled, and a few ways down, between the shoulders, it is miserable. And so another day goes by.

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