Monday, October 3, 2011

Teeth & Rathfoot 10-03-2011

   We went to see Dr Rathfoot today to get the results of the sleep study and a check-up. Things have finally stabilized and he liked that. He said if he were in the ER and I came through and he didn't know me though he would panic after he scoped me. Knowing me through this threw this and what has been done, he is pleased. He said I had adapted to the situation. We discussed (briefly I might add) a trach and feeding tube, which I rejected. I think just for a while, but I wasn't willy to discuss. He said I would need maybe a couple more times with injections. I can do that. I have certain things I'm willing to do and certain things I'm not.

  The sleep study showed some things that aren't right, so I get to do the sequel. It showed my heart getting out of rhythm when the O2 goes to 78, not sure how many times or for how long. He told me but I forgot. So I get something to help me breathe at night but I got to do another test to find out how much pressure to do, or something like that. I made the comment I have no problem dying in my sleep, beats doing it during a heart attack or getting close to it with cancer. I said it sincerely and rather comically, but it wasn't too well received.   I don't care to wear that whatever to help me breathe at night though. He said that was why I was so tired all the time.

  Best though was I finally got my teeth! I went to Morristown Dental Center and they put my teeth in... and they felt great and still do. So far me and Megan ate Chicken Tenders from Hardees and some nuts. Ok, the nuts didn't go so well, lol. I still have a ways to go to get use to them, but I love 'em. It seems like forever since I've had teeth, and it some ways it has. Megan says I look younger with them in. Mark said it was like having a mouth full until you get use to them, and it does. But man can I eat. I can still taste like I did too. Uh oh, think I gained weight just thinking about it. 


Lori Bei Durst said...

Anthony, so glad things are coming along and hurray you got your teeth...what great news ! :o) Keep up the good work.....will continue prayers for you and your family. Fondly, Lori

Kimberly said...

A c-pap with your airway issues may get interesting, especially when you do the study and they are trying to figure out settings (you will be abnormal just so you know lol). You might want to warn the tech who does your study. Sats of 78 percent are very dangerous and will kill off your brain cells, something you might be interested in keeping. Keep us posted.

anthony7 said...

Thanks Lori.

Thanks Kim, the loss of brain cells.... that explains a lot, lol. I'm already low on them. Should I tell them about the restricted airway? Rathfoot talked about maybe a few injections inside the throat. Had those before.

Cali said...

Anthony, I have severe sleep apnea and my C-PAP machine saved my life! I'd been exhausted all the time for years on end. I'd been misdiagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. I was finally sent to a sleep lab after having an out of body experience. (I believe we discussed that before.)

I got my C-PAP in '96. I thought it would be hard to sleep with it, too, but it wasn't. It took me about a week to get used to it completely. The first couple of weeks I felt really strange. The sleep lab tech said that some or most, people experience what is called "sleep drunkness." The brain is so unaccustomed to being able to sleep normally that it doesn't quite know what to do. I was only having one very brief dream per night, so being able to actually dream may have something to do with the phenomenon.

The point is, I didn't give up. I never let myself sleep without the mask. 100% compliance. And it worked. In a month I felt like my old self, near as I could recall. I had done nothing for a few years but watch cooking shows, read cook books and occasionally cook something between naps. I decided that I could finally get more than a few feet from someplace to sleep so I went to culinary school-- at 35!

My point is, this really will make you feel like a new man. Just make sure they give you a unit with a humidifier. You WILL need it.

anthony7 said...

Hey Cali, Thanks for letting me know that it will make me feel better. I know now I feel run down and sluggish as all get out. I seldom if ever dream anymore, or at least I don't remember them. It's good to know that one can get use to it, I'll adapt in time I'm sure, but it's good to now that the results will make a good difference. Does it calm down the rustle in the night? I wake up now during the night a few times and by morning it looks like WW3 has been fought, covers off, pillows gone. Do you sleep more peacefully, or is that associated with the low O2?