Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sleep Study 2

I just got back from Sleep Study 2, man what a night. I started out learning what the first sleep study results were. I forget the numbers but there were three things I done on the first one and the sleep was divided up by REM sleep and the regular sleep. I got over an hour of REM sleep in the first study but had I think 54 times when I stopped breathing. During other sleep I had a lot of shallow breathing plus times when I stopped breathing and two events where the brain was involved. If I understood her correctly it was where the brain shuts off the breathing, maybe it was turns on, but I'm, pretty sure she said turns off. On the stopping breathing just during REM sleep I remember thinking it was something like about every 2 to 3 minutes on the average.  She said at 5.? one was qualified for Sleep Study with a Cpap, mine was 27.?, so I more than qualified. :)

  So last night they place all those electrodes on again, I'll probably be finding them the rest of the day, lol. I'm writing this waiting for Denise to call from work, she just left, then wash the junk out of my hair and my body. I'm not really tired though it has been a long night. The ladies there are nice and good, but man what a night. The first mask didn't seal well enough with my beard, so we tried another mask. That one didn't seal well either, so they used a nose mask. Unfortunately that one sealed.

  I remember them being in the room I think 4 times, I think adjusting, and once I had turned on my belly. I woke up a few times in pain, I felt pressure on my throat, lots of it. I opened my mouth to speak but air blew out it with a lot of force. This morning my throat hurts. Not the worse pain I've ever had, but it still hurts, like I've screamed all night. If only I had that capability. Good think I took my top dentures out of I think they'd have become a projectile, lol. She said I experienced events until they finally had full pressure on it all night. Even then I had some moments, so who knows. She said I would more than likely get a machine. All night I had a lot of phlegm that I could have spit out, but that damn thing gave no opportunity to to that. Thick junk. Who knows, probably what little brains I have left that thing was blowing out, lol. I managed to swallow it, and that was almost impossible, had to get in the rhythm to make sure I didn't aspirate on it.     

  As I understand it, and God knows I get things wrong sometimes, this thing, a trach, or a pine box is about the only three options left. I think another two surgeries where they do injections are still on the table, but the scaring damage is done. Sometimes the cure is as bad as the disease, and they ain't even sure about that, they are just looking for changes. So far all is stable, it ain't good, but it's stable so far.  A trach, even if temporary is out as far as I'm concerned. This machine I'll try but I think may close the throat off with the pressure. If it does, so be it. We go nowhere before out time and what better way to go, in our sleep, best option I've seen.

  So from this though I take it I will get to sound like Darth Vader and feel the force, lol. I wonder if it comes with a Light Saber? The again, I do like food so maybe I can be Darth Tater and just use a fork. Now I think I'll sleep today, its rainin anyway.


David said...

Wow, quite the adventure at the sleep center! Just so I'm clear, Anthony, is the main problem the scaring? Is that what is closing off your throat? If so is the scaring from the radiation treatment?

Praying for ya!

anthony7 said...

Hey David, Scaring from the oops in the radiation is what we're being told is the battle now. One lady at the sleep center has an uncle that a years back went through the same thing. She said he has a permanent trach from the damage left. I had hoped all the Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments had changed all that, and they did help, but that term came up at the last visit. I again rejected that possible option.

Kimberly said...

Sounds like u had a blast! I do hope you don't rule out the trache idea completely if it becomes necessary. I know plenty of men who arenliving productivenlives carrying aroundntheir little wand making conversation and living life...your post really made me lol

anthony7 said...

Hey Kim, I've already ruled out the pipe thing. Denise said I'd have a chin strap with the nose mask, already had that last night too. She wanted to know how I opened my mouth... I just smiled and asked how much in almost 23 years has she seen it closed. :)

Glad I could bring a smile. :)

CourtneyC said...

Hey Anthony!

I've been traveling and lurking, but still keeping up with you, though not commenting all the time.

I know you have drawn a line in the sand with the trach, but I sure wish you would reconsider. Your poor throat and mouth and been burned to bits and just can't keep up by the sound of it, and having a trach might even take the strain off long enough for some additional healing. Of course you know this, and I'm no doctor, but I think that the world is hurting for more good people...and you are good people. Through and through, far as I can tell.

Well, just hoping you will keep your options open because even though I am a total stranger to you, I'm selfish enough to want you up and kicking and picking beans and giving your friends advice and support as they go through their trials and start their own businesses, and helping your neighbors and overseeing your property renovations...well, all that I read about you doing. But, I guess you want to be doing it on your terms, and first and foremost being happy and confident.

I'll keep praying for you, and hoping you can get comfortable and have a peaceful night's rest. You are doing great at what you are doing. :-)


anthony7 said...

Thanks Courtney, Thank you for the prayers. Good to hear from you again, and thanks for the compliment. Not sure I deserve it, but thank you. I figure that at some point I have to say when. The trach is when. :) I don't think I'd be happy with it and then I'd be miserable and make everybody else miserable. I wouldn't want to do that. Tonight should be a trip with the swelling from last night's pressure. So Denise sleeps with on ear open.

I hope you are doing good. I wondered where you have been.

Cali said...

When I had my first sleep lab they discovered that I had to wake myself up to breathe every fifty seconds. It's no wonder I was so tired all the time! Also, I only had one very brief REM stage. I'd told the tech that I thought I didn't dream anymore and he said I just wasn't remembering my dreams, but when I woke up in the morning he told me that I'd been mostly right.

OK, I know that the C-PAP seems like it will be a very difficult thing to get used to, but it's really not that bad. My worst problem in the beginning was sweating where the silicone flange met my face. I was just grateful that I was FINALLY getting some rest! After my out of body experience I know for a fact that it saved my life.

As for equipment, there are smart machines now that can detect how much pressure you need and give you only as much as you need at any given moment. I started out with a mask that covered only my nose and that was alright, but I hated the sweating. Then I tried a device called an "Adam's circuit." I think that might be what you finally ended up with. It fits into the nasal openings and creates a seal there. It made my nose really sore so I went back to the nasal mask. Around the time I turned 45 I noticed that I'd begun sleeping with my mouth open, which I hadn't done since I got my first C-PAP machine. So, I went to my online supply store and got a mask that covers both my nose AND my mouth. I felt better almost right away.

The rushing air out of your mouth thing made me chuckle as I remembered what it was like. Believe it or not, you will learn how to close your sinuses off and talk without the rushing air. It's just a muscle that you've never had to use before.

Now, about that sore, dry throat. You really NEED a humidifier on your machine. Make sure you get one because it really will help! I get my C-PAP supplies at www.cpap-supply.com. They are very helpful there and have lots of products and tips that will help you.

Just remember that compliance is the most important thing you can do to help yourself get better. Good luck!

anthony7 said...

Thanks Cali. Man I don't like that thing, lol. Can you remember your dreams now?

Cali said...

Yes, I do remember dreams now! They are mostly weird and nightmarish, but I remember them! Oh, and my dearly departed grandmother who raised me is in nearly all of them. It's almost like having her back because I get to hear her opinions on things. She's always in her wheelchair, but she talks like she did before her stroke, which is nice.

If you want any help or just need a fellow sleep apnea sufferer to talk to, hit me up on Facebook, I'm more likely to see your message there in a timely fashion.

anthony7 said...

Headed that way Cali. Thanks.

anthony7 said...

Ok, I'm not real good at looking up people on Facebook, kind of forgot that part. How do I find you? Megan laughs at me all the time for not knowing much on it.