Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Happy Birthday Josh. 11 years old. Well, actually tomorrow.

Finally back up to where I was, except fingers not healed all the way. Dr Schindler wants me to do a follow-up so maybe this week if it rains and he has space open. For two days now I haven't had it taped on the buddy system. It don't bend all the way but it will do. My neck finally got back to where it was, C5&6 are about where they were. I actually popped it in the tub. It's a 75 gallon tub and after soaking in hot water I submerged my head, shook it back and forth, and snap, crackle, pop... back to regular. I don't look like the Hunchback, swelling gone down.

  Me and Megan finished one step out the back of the Sunroom. First step, over 500lbs of concrete. We got the ceiling fans up in the Sunroom too, now just the walls and the rest of the floor. Me and Megan also put a standup fountain in there and decorated it.

  Misty is healing pretty quickly. Her and Matt have been picking up and dropping off the kids from school now. That was fun doing that, like old times when the kids were little. I teased Josh and told him I was going to leave out my teeth and say give Papaw sugars at the school, lol. I wouldn't do that but I love joking with the kids.

  Sunday Mark called, said the buzzards were circling and we had a cow balling. Me and Megan went up there and over a dozen buzzards, give or take, were after a newborn calf. I've been around cows all my life and this was a first. The cows were in a group, holding them at bay, for how long God only knows. We shoo'ed them away, came back home and got the shotgun, but they had all left. The news said they had overproduced and were attacking calves. I've watched the skies over our cows and Mark's since then. I figure I can take care of the overpopulation problem. It makes me wonder about his and our calf losses last year. It's a strange world these days.

  The O2 is fine, since the humidifier was added. Then again, I wake up sometimes and find I've slightly removed it in my sleep. (grin) Denise still hates my hair and beard, lol. Funny how people react differently to someone with short hair verses long hair, shaven verses unshaven. It's like two different worlds. Finally I'm on a diet, until Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners anyway. No change in neuropathy.

  I got a very nice email from  Serge Lavange with jooble-us.com. You are right Serge, I'm not sure that the blog and your website are related, but I posted you a link anyway. Thank you for the kind words.

  If should I not post before 11-11-11, thank you to all the Veterans who have served. May God bless and keep you in His Grace.

Finally, Brian sent me this. It is pretty cool.


CourtneyC said...

Wait, you just shrugged your shoulders under water and fixed yourself? Every Chiropractic just covered their ears and went "la, la I can't hear you" ... :-)
Good for you. Glad you are doing better after your fall.
Why are you on a haircut/shaving strike? If Denise hates it, you might rethink your policy there...she's the one looking at you more than you are looking at yourself in the mirror anyway. :-)
Take care and keep your eyes to the skys (for cannibal birds!)

anthony7 said...

Hey Courtney. What are the chances of snap crackle pop, lol. I figured with the hot water, soaking, some Ibuprofen and an underwater shake, it was worth a try. It worked, lol.

I said several times I'd take hair anywhere God put it when I lost all of my hair, and I mean everywhere. The first place it started was on my chin. He kept His promise so I'm keeping mine. :) Denise has wanted me to make a Go-Tee, put nope. The long hair was in an effort to help keep the sun off mu neck when gardening and bike riding. Now I've discovered warmth in the cooler weather. She didn't mind it until it went past the shoulders. :)

Until I get rid of this belly (thank you Mt Dew), I think the hair is the least of my features that hurts me. Course it probably don't help none when I take my teeth out and shirt off. I now qualify for the "before" picture, lol.

The birds were back again and as usual, by the time I got the gun they left. Me and Megan have been watching Mark's cows too.

anthony7 said...

Oh, I meant to say, while Denise says she hates the hair and beard, I meant the general public treats one differently. I had forgotten that. In the 70s, Denise would have run from me, lol. My hair was down to my belt and I had a beard. I didn't do drugs, though some thought I did. The people who knew me knew I didn't.