Thursday, November 3, 2011


  Misty is doing fine, still a lot of pain, but she is doing good. She should know soon the results of the cist they took out. (Probably spelled that wrong). Tonight she was in pain. She slightly overdone it today.

  I got maybe 3 hours sleep last night with the O2. What a headache it gave me. My sinuses were dried out along with my throat. Tonight they brought a humidifier for the O2 machine... thank God.

  Michael got our shutters in today and put on the house today. The only thing we really lack now is the metal replaced on 2 garages and 2 storage buildings, Matt & Misty's bathroom floor covering. I think that is it as far as storm damage goes. Michael is coming back later though when he gets storm damage work done to do under the porch and eves in soffit.

  A few of the Garlic is up, not many though, but I got faith the rest will follow.


Kimberly said...

they make this stuff called AYR and it comes in spray or gel - the gel works great for dried out noses and is safe to use with the oxygen (some things are not, as they are flammable). Double check that with your service provider before you blow your nose off, literally :)

anthony7 said...

Thanks Kim, I'll ask them. So far the humidity thing has done ok. I'd probably have to go for the gel. Only things God intended to go in my nose is air, my finger, and Rathfoot's scope. :)