Thursday, February 9, 2012


I still haven't figured out why I don't get emails anymore when someone posts a comment. I don't check a lot and since (thank God) things have stabilized I'm not up here as much. I should be outside already for a few hours but it's cold, plus I slightly got it too warm in the house with the wood stove. It's cloudy so that is the excuse I'm going with, can't say the sun was in my eyes.

  I went yesterday and got blood drawn to test the T3 and 4, or something levels and see if they are down enough to start medicine for the Thyroid. It's dead the body just don't know it, don't make sense to me but that is why I'm not a doctor I guess. If it involves not adding another pill I'm all for it, can't remember to take what I am suppose to take now.

  Denise got her hair colored last week. The girls kept telling her to color it and I know she wanted it colored, personally I think she is beautiful gray or not, but she feels better with the gray gone, and that is what counts. So I set her up with Ron Moles, the guy is great with hair. He is hard to get into but well worth the wait. I delivered to him years ago plus mom has gone to him for years. She loved Ron right off bat and I knew she would, he is a nut. Definitely a happy man. The 14th he is going to cut mine and while he does I'll pick his brain about Apples, he loves a Mac. Denise will not spend money on herself and I know you read this Denise, caught ya. I didn't think she did until I caught her on her laptop a couple of nights ago.   

  Sally said she has been having some kind of electrical stimulation to her legs and it has improved her Neuropathy stiffness. I've had those treatments years ago on both shoulders and elbows. I think I'll mention that to Panella next time, think he is next. The Neuropathy came in handy last week, broke two toes, one was a first time break, the other big toe, last one that hasn't been broken at least once. I'm assuming that graceful isn't one of my stronger suites. They're actually healing faster than the finger, which I think a break must be better than a tear. Plus I think I should have left it taped up longer, it still isn't of much use. My bad.

  I've been trying to skip the Neuropathy pill in the mid day thing. It works sometimes and sometimes it don't, but a start none the less. I'll focus on the sometimes it does work.

  We haven't had winter, we've got mud season so far this year. We got the hay lot fence fixed and ready to use it to catch calves if the weather will cooperate where we can get a trailer in there. I bought 20 more rolls last week Tammy & Jerry brought up. We had to keep them back here and just take one when we need to when we feed, use other rolls up there too. I put a bunch of them together and Megan and the grandkids have been playing on them, too funny.


Cali said...

I can't believe I have to tell you (of all people) this, but your neuropathy medicine likely has a cumulative effect, at least if it's anything like my neuropathy medicine, Neurontin/Gabapentin. It only works right if you take it EVERY TIME you are supposed to! Get yourself a pill dispenser with three or four openings for each day and set it up, or get Denise to do it for you once a week. Look, as someone who used to take upward of 40 pills each and every day, I really empathize with not wanting to take another damn pill. But not taking the neuropathy medicine when you are supposed to take it means you are going to be in more pain than necessary. Is one less pill a day really worth all of the pain?

Also, what is this treatment to improve flexibility in the areas affected by neuropathy. I've never heard of this. I used to go to the neuropathy support boards, but it was just so depressing it made me want to take a nap on the train tracks so I have avoided them for a couple of years. Is there something new that might give us a little hope?

anthony7 said...

I got this weird thing in my mind that if I can skip one then maybe another. Hasn't proved to be that way just yet, lol. I think because I got spoiled after the heart attack a few months later dropping all but 3 or 4 pills. Done the same with the NHL. Plus part stubbornness.

Sally is having some kind of electric stimulation for another problem, but it is helping with the stiffness but not the numbing, not sure it helps with the pain. I've had that done on both shoulders and elbows in the past from tears and strains, guess that is one of the perks at UPS, lol.

I'm trying Coconut oil in my food. Long shot but a shot none the less a shot. Worst case I'll lose weight, raise the good Cholesterol, lower the bad, build immunity back, and help some of the chemo fog. I'll see if I can put a link. I'll figure this thing out one way or the other. I'll see if I can place a link that works.

anthony7 said...

Didn't work so I'll place a link on a special post on it.

Cali said...

Thank you, Anthony. I really appreciate you taking the time to do that for me.

anthony7 said...

Your welcome. I don't know how well it will work but I figure it's worth the try.