Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Busted ankle doing much better the last few days, call me grace for short. I went to Ron Moles today, made the appointment with him when he done Denise's hair. It's a bit shorter than I wanted but he done a great job and the mustache and beard trim were/are unbelievable. Denise wanted it a bit longer in the back, Megan wanted it back long, Misty liked it but said she kind of liked it longer, Annie liked it, and mom loved it. I didn't realize it was this cold out, what was I thinking? :) It does feel better though and I'm sure looks better. Ron is at 511 N Jackson Street in Morristown. He is a good guy and I think as crazy as I am.

  Me and Megan went to feed the cows and I screwed up royally. I speared a bale about half, raised it up, then the spear broke. I'll see if Randy can weld it, he stays busy and I may need it before he can get to it, so we went to Interstate Tractor and bought a new one. They had the best price on them. Still I like old things and ours was old, so I'll see if it can be repaired.

  Tomorrow Misty goes in for surgery. I get to take her over there and Kim Collinson will do it at his office. Kim delivered 2 of the 3 we have, but their all grown. I think he was the one who spayed Denise, neutering was a bit out of the question after a nurse smiled and said, "Snip, Snip" her finger like scissors. I got to thing about the bulls I'd done or taken a part in doing that way... didn't look so appealing.   


Lori Bei Durst said...

Checking in Anthony. Hope you and Denise had a lovely Valentine's day. :o) Glad to read that you are doing well, although a few mishaps. Wish you would be more careful ! I eat coconut oil and glad to see you are too. Are you taking your Vit. D3 too? I swear by it. We have still been mild here on the West coast. Only a few rain showers here and there, but it is nice to have blue skies most days. :o) Take care !

anthony7 said...

Hey Lori, thanks. I hope you all had a good one too. I'm still doing Vit D3 too, swear by it as well. Love the Coconut oil too. Now if I could get past the "graceful moments", lol. The ground here is saturated.