Saturday, March 10, 2012


Man what a day Saturday. We started by going to Hot Springs, NC and set in a hot tub. We've rode bikes there once, heard about it all my life how those natural warm springs in the tubs feel so good, but I never imagined that good. Fastest hour I've spent in a long time. I think me and Denise both needed that. This will have to be a repetitive thing and the next time we take Megan. Denise said it'd be fun to ride the bike up there this summer and do it again, but I was so relaxed I'm not sure I'd make it back. We came back and picked Megan up and went to Cheddars in Knoxville and ate. Denise has wanted to try there for a long time too. Definitely another place to return, just not order so much food the next round. Then we headed to Sams and restocked back up. We go there about every two or the months. Then Tractor Supply, dog food was on sale, then Megan wanted to go to Wally World. I am going to pay for this day.

  This week will bring joy and sadness at the same stretch. It will be Baby's sixth birthday on the 13th and our 23rd Anniversary the 17th, but also the 17th will mark two years since dad died. This year we will probably go away for our anniversary, maybe. We use to but then the cancer set in and I was too sick, then dad died. Last year it just wasn't in me to go even though I know he would have wanted us too. I guess we will wait and see. Maybe a nice quiet dinner. I hate for mom to be alone on that day. Life is bitter/sweet. I suppose that is the way it is meant to be. We wouldn't appreciate the sun without the rain or the peace without the strife. We wouldn't appreciate the thankfulness without the need, nor the good moments without the bad moments. A strange balance it is, this life. The solstice comes from knowing no moment lasts forever, be it good or bad, for all passes away. Therefore we cherish the good and endure the bad, all while knowing this too shall pass away.      

  I go for a chest scan this month and hopefully get another clean bill and won't have to do another for six months. I haven't started the Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy, I know I need it but it's a long drive to St Mary's and I just ordered a new pair of glasses. Thats my excuse this week anyway. Plus it is getting close to garden season, oh how I have waited. Then there is still the two garage roofs plus the two outbuildings roofs that need replaced from last year's storms. It hasn't dried up enough to work on them and hopefully Al is still for hire to help put them on. I'm not sure if I can do it but I have to try, neuropathy and roofs don't mix too well and I'm getting too old to heal up, plus I don't bounce like I once did. It ain't the fall I'm worried about, it's the sudden stop.

  I've tried to contact Mary Lou Clark but unable to get her on the phone. She has always answered the phone, so I'm worried about her. I've grown to trust her over the years with her predictions, she has a rare gift. She has never missed a thing, and I'm talking extreme details. Like the time she told me I had something bad wrong with my throat. A year later the throat cancer was found and they said it probably had been there a year. The time she said I'd buy a black vehicle but it wouldn't be called black from a short salt and peppered hair man. Three months later I bought our bike from that man, named Joseph, but it wasn't until I was titling it I saw that the black bike we have is officially called Bronze by Kawasaki. The last time was before the two storms, she stressed storms. Said I'd hire someone to work on the houses. I laughed and said I have to work on them, I'm too poor to pay someone else. That week or the next the two storms came and I ended up hiring people to work on both houses. And the list goes on. In her book she tells about drowning in a pond as a child, meeting Jesus, then a week later again, and has this gift. In Biblical days they said to test the spirits and if they were ever wrong they were from the wrong side, but if they were always right they were from God. She has never been wrong since 2000 on one thing she has ever told me, not once. 

  Me and Megan planted some 18 trees (mostly fruit) and still have four to plant and two more to dig, unless I buy some more. I ended up bleeding through my bowels for a couple of days, think I may have overshot that one a bit. Day one of the being down we sat inside but come day two I have enough energy that we went to look for a dump truck in Middlesboro, KY. We did end up sitting on the road side twice from double vision, but we made it through. We also went to Pinesville, KY. Pretty cool town. It's nice to see small towns like there and Hot Springs, NC haven't changed much. That America still have places that multinational corporations haven't ruined. I didn't find the one I liked enough to buy, but sure did meet a lot of nice people.

Lord I'm going to pay for this tomorrow. But it was worth every moment.     


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had such a good weekend. I want you to know I really enjoy your blog, been reading it about a year now. I love your honesty and sincerity. Take care.


anthony7 said...

Thanks Keira. I appreciate you letting me know you enjoy it. I ain't much but I'm honest. Sometimes a good thing and sometimes not. :)

David said...

Anthony, when it comes to blogging, honesty is what we come here for. I am very grateful to you for your honesty.

anthony7 said...

Thank you David for the compliment. I ain't much but I'm honest. That gets me in trouble sometimes. :)