Wednesday, February 29, 2012


This month starts a round of tests and possibly the Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments again. I'm not sure though I want to do them again. The nutty doctor is gone that ran it, someone said he died of cancer, but those long trips to Knoxville and those long treatments... I just don't know. Garden season is so close. Need to finish the repairs from last year's storms. Teach Megan to drive and get her in some classes. I could make a list a mile long. Tomorrow though I think I'm headed down, body says no but mind says try. Then a part of me wants to breathe and talk normal again. We will see.

  Tonight though  I went and bought trees, lost of tress, to block and create a privacy fence to where certain people couldn't harass them again. Friday the signs are perfect for that, in the breast.

BB (cousin) is doing good after his surgery. I think it's the Hill blood in him. He said Janet (wife) took excellent care of him, she is a nurse too.

  We picked up the checks, me and Megan, plus Mark's for him. Traveled to Mascot to Knoxville Livestock Barn. The 6 we took of mine brought enough to pay Mark, Megan, the Property Taxes, and reimburse me the 2840.00 in hay. They fell short on other feeds and supplies. They will also pay my hospital bill off, then we're back out of debt once again, for a time. Megan wanted to go there so we saw no use in 2 vehicles going towards the storms. We done just fine. We still have 10 more, God willing, to sell later on. For now though I'm spent. Time to recover. 

  Below is a film Megan made of last night as the storms spilt and missed us, thank God for that.


Mary Baker said...

Enjoyed the video of lightening revealed landscape. Very dramatic. Happily the storm system went north of me in Oklahoma and remained calm all night here. Some far off up high lightening. Did not need to go to my brother's storm cellar.

I enjoy your posts, sorry I don't get to them every day but I do pray for you daily.
Blessings on you and your family.
Mary Baker

anthony7 said...

Hi Mary. Thank you for the prayers and kind words. We were fortunate as the storms seem to split apart from us too. Megan sat on the porch and filmed it, the girl has no fear. :) She was fascinated by the lightening and cut the sound. I suppose it was what she mostly hears without her aids, silence. Funny, she apologized when she told me to watch it because she took away the sound, said it probably wasn't good. I told her as thought, it was perfect seeing it through her eyes. Listening without hearing.