Friday, March 16, 2012


It's late or early, depending on the perspective. I found the wall Wednesday and so Thursday I thought I'd do a hard push to extend that wall. Things are needing done faster than I have been doing them with an early spring. I tilled the second pass on the neighbor's garden and then headed for mine. Whoever designed the front end loader for the 231 Massey Ferguson had to have been young. You have to sky dive off it when you dismount. I was tilling the ground and decided to come off backwards since the ground was soft. With Neuropathy it's hard to walk on soft surfaces or uneven places, I should have jump forward, lol. My hand slipped and all 230 lbs crashed my forearm against the loader frame. It was one of those thought I was going to throw up pains. I tossed the big rock from where it was away and climbed back on and just laid there slumped over for 10-15 minutes collecting myself. So I start again except using the right arm as little as possible. When I got done I saw the blood all over the tractor. I think the pressure just burst the skin or cut it or something. It's still swelled pretty big and painful even tonight. Now comes the funny part. I went on the hill to toss out 50lbs of grass seed and the cows thought I had sweet feed. I have two aggressive Charlotte that maybe weigh like 1200-1500 lbs each that will butt you and sometimes even charge you. She got pissed and here she came. I used my forearm to try and lessen or deflect the blow, but I still went airborne and landed on the other side of the truck. Where did she hit? Same place on the same arm. I checked Millie too while I was up there. Squeezed her teat and she has blood tainted yellow milk. I figure she is about to come fresh soon.

  So today I rested so I could celebrate mine and Denise's 23rd Anniversary and Baby's 6th birthday. Without my family nothing means nothing. Both arms have lacerations on them from wire too, so I look like I've been in a fight with a barber, lol. I did finish mowing the yard I started though today. Got Rex in twice and fixed that fence... I hope. Fed the chickens, checked the cows, fed the stray kittys. Then watched the boobe-tube. I'm still not sure how we can have that many channels with nothing on.

  For Denise's gift I got her.... Oh yea, I caught you reading this the other night. So what I got was a _ - - - - - - - -. I think you'll like it. I got it on sale for $. Yea, busted, you thought I put it up here in advance. Gotcha! You'll have to wait. :)     

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