Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy Anniversary

Happy 23rd Anniversary Denise!!!

 We got back early this morning from an overnight stay in Pigeon Forge. We stopped at Lodge Cast Iron store and bought some skillets and a press for the burgers. Ate at Red Lobster, hit Krispy Kreme (like we needed that), then headed back to the room. Watched a little TV in the Jacuzzi and ate donuts. Then it got funny.

  Denise fell asleep first and I watched Doomsday Preppers or something like that. Amazing what one will watch when in a small space. I actually got interested in one and the next thing I knew was Denise telling me to "get on my side". I am not the most alert when I first wake up, especially if I'm awaken. I think it's after raising kids that one learns to repeat ones self. So I herd that phrase at least a few times before I actually get my body to cooperate with my mind. I feel for the end of the bed, it's King Sized so there should be enough room. Sure enough, there is only about a foot left, so I say, "I'm on my side". Sooo, I heard, "NO GET ON YOUR SIDE!" So I say pretty stern back, "I am on my side. Theres only about a foot left". I hear, NO, Turn On Your side. Your snoring is keeping me awake."  So I sat up on the edge of the bed and hear, "Where are you going?" "To the bathroom". I hear, "Do you know where your going?" "Yes to the bathroom". "Then I hear do you know why your going to the bathroom?" I say, "No, just thought I'd go figure out why that seat has a hole in the middle. Yes, I know why I'm going to the bathroom."

  Now this was repeated pretty much every other hour if not every hour on the hour, all night long. I did hear one time something different. I awoke to, "Get Off Me". I look and I'm not on her, but I did manage to be in the middle of the bed. "I'm not on you. " Then I hear, "Not now your not. I moved you. You are worst than listening to a chainsaw. They're quieter." The final time was about 6:45 this morning and I figured it was time to go. We left about 7:45, ate breakfast at Shoney's then headed back home. The walls at the motel were paper thin and Denise heard young girls giggling and what sounded like a mortar round fired all night long. We laughed though that whoever was on all three sides, listened to me snoring and Denise and me fussing back and forth, definitely came out on the worse end. And that is why we have separate bedrooms. We got home and decided not to go to church, Denise hit my bedroom and I hit the couch. The next thing I heard was the phone ringing and it was mom telling us to come on to celebrate Baby's birthday. I remember when we were young coming back tired but from different circumstances. :) All in all though, we had fun. It was a good day but next time we will get a cabin again.This is the second year we've had that I would not have thought we would have together.

  We enjoyed the company of Matt, Misty, and the kids and for a moment it looked like home again. The kids all seem to love it there and the school system has far more to offer than it does here. Although White Oak Baptist Church has worked circles around Brandon's Autism and gets the credit for his remarkable turn around, the school system there doesn't have to be fought like it does here to do what is needed. Misty said Megan would have been a lot better off with her hearing there than here where we constantly battled for every inch of what little she received. I can't imagine what she went though on her end, but I know it wasn't good. I think it will be like this until schools quit the emphasis on sports above all else and learn that just because someone was good for the school system doesn't mean the title and job automatically goes to the heirs.

  The Non Hodgkins Lymphoma also is better than it was. I've increased Vitamin D and oddly enough, I believe that the Hot Tub thing at Hot Springs seems to have helped it. I felt my skin burn when we were there and that oddly enough is a good sign with this junk. I'm still not entirely for sure but I think we'll do it again soon and take Megan with us this time.

  In a sour note, this marks two years since dad died. Sad for us but happy for him.      



David said...

Great post, Anthony. Sorry I haven't commented lately, but I have still been reading!

If I may ask, and I know this may come across as rude, what ailments are you currently trying to work through. Please forgive me but sometimes I get confused on what you have based off my late-coming to this blog. You mentioned Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, which I didn't realize you had specifically. Also you mention your throat a lot but I'm not 100% sure what is wrong with it.

If this is too much detail, please do not feel obligated to respond. Love the blog! Always a pleasure to read.

anthony7 said...

HI David, I still have a Non Hodgkins Lymphoma, diagnosed 7-1- 2005, same year as the heart attack which was 1-31-05. It is a slow one usually and more aggravating than anything else. The throat is more or less damage from the radiation. The tumor was 2.5 cm but the damage to the throat from treatments is 4.7cm plus burnt out the saliva glands and thyroid. The scaring in my throat has narrowed it quite a lot. After the teeth left the dentures have 1 trying to work. The chemo left me with neuropathy in my feet, hands, and face, feet the worse. Maybe age but stamina seems to have dropped quite a lot. About 20 years ago I developed Pernicious Anemia which was found after treatments for Lymes Disease which left arthritis. I was taking Celebrex for the arthritis when the heart attack happened. Yea I know, seems like a lot. I hate to fill out the questionnaire at a doctor's office. Looks like a novel, lol. Add to that tearing both shoulders (1 surgery), elbows, 2 discs in my neck and 1 heat stroke years ago. BUt it could have been worse. :)