Saturday, March 31, 2012


  Been a little rough sailing the last week or two. I think it's the Pollen but I seem to have sinuses and bronchitis. I hate to take meds for it because that always brings about a yeast infection. So far I've made slow progress taking a lot of Vit D. I also finally saw what Mark was talking about when he said the dentures could make a sore in the mouth. I take them out when I'm home and put them back in when I'm out. Also discovered the Polident thing, glue them babies in where I can sink my teeth into something and still keep them in my mouth. :)

  Between the down days I managed to break the lawn mower, fix it, then mow both yards and break the ground where the green beans and corn will go. Done that all in a day, then crashed a couple of days. Got a butt chewing from Megan last week when I took off on the bike. I felt good enough and just wanted to ride it up town. She thought I was hurt laying somewhere. All the vehicles were here but she never checked in the garage for the bike. Sometimes it's just night to cruise.

  Me and Denise went to Unicoi today and I bought what I call, Bigger Uglier. The guy wasn't totally honest on a few things but close enough. Tonight I placed Big Ugly on Craigslist, just as promised. I've worked on and off on that truck and it has never let me down yet, hate to see it go. This one though has a 16 ft bed, all steel and it dumps! That was my intentions for Big Ugly but this truck will carry more weight. It will take more work, money, and time to get this one though as good as Big Ugly. With a long driveway here and the farm I can't shovel the gravel and can't afford to pay to have them delivered. This will, or at least should, take care of that, plus pull the hay floats if we need to bring hay in. It's automatic too so we all should be able to drive it. It's just a little bit longer, ok, a lot longer. I thought about selling Blackie instead but the kids said no, too many memories.

  Man I hope this chest and bronchitis stuff clears before my next visit in April. Wouldn't that be a bummer. I finally get a dump truck and don't get to dump anything with it, lol. For the record, Mary hit one already. I'll be worrying what it will cost to fix a truck up and if I paid too much for it.


Christina Almeida said...

Hey Anthony - I hope you are wearing a mask when you are out there mowing the lawn or when you are out there walking with the pollen. Those meds can make you feel really thirsty I bet too. I had sinus problems this week, and I know that stuff is out there wreaking havoc, but especially not good for you.

I wanted to ask if you take a med for your Vit D deficiency or take regular Vitamin D supplements? My kidney doctor has me on Calcitriol or the Brand name is Rocaltrol because my body can not synthesize Vitamin D. I do not have the hormone that processes it, so taking Vitamin D supplements would not help nor getting some sun as some suggest. I hope that if you are not taking it that perhaps you might suggest this to your doctor since you have an appointment in April.

I was at the doctor's this past Thursday, and I had my mom go with me since I now go through the county for health care. I mentioned to my mom what I had read on your blog, and I expressed to her that I really wish you well. You have been a great inspiration to me. Also told her that you and Denise had your wedding anniversary. She is happy for both of you.

Hope this bronchial/sinus thing gets all cleared up for you soon. I bet you are wishing the same yourself. Take Care Anthony. I will keep my fingers crossed on your Vit D too. God Bless you, Denise & your whole family : )

anthony7 said...

Hey Christina, I wear a Bandanna when I mow, look like Jesse James, lol. I do the Vit D for a supplement. Its actually better than C in a lot of ways. It takes about 24 hrs for the body to make Vit D and then reabsorb it. I try and get dirty enough so I have to take a bath before it has time to work. In the summer I try and avoid the sun as much as I can after about 1pm when the rays change from UVB to UVA.

Thank you and please tell your mom hi and thank you both for the well wishes and blessings. That is smart to take someone with you to the doctor. Denise always goes with me, and extra set of ears is always better. That way I don't miss anything and usually between two everything is asked. I'll look into the two meds you've suggested.

I'm sorry for the late reply. Usually the board sends me an email saying someone had commented but for a while now it don't. So far this stuff seems to be reversing, or at least productive in the coughing. God Bless, Anthony