Tuesday, March 27, 2012


  This is like day 4 of what feels a lot like pneumonia, but it's bronchial.  Other than a quick trip to Yoder's Market, I stayed low the weekend. Until today I used the O2 machine even during the day, going out only on short trips. I've been hitting the Vit D heavy in hopes of not having to do more meds, seems I get a yeast infection when I do. I think I screwed up a little. Mowed the yard here and a day later at the other house, me and mowing don't mix anymore. Then I opened the window in my bedroom and put a fan in it and I think that capped it off. Finally yesterday my cough seems to be productive and slowing down.

  Yesterday me and mom went to see Mary Lou Clark in Unicoi. Denise don't approve but if she ever met her she'd like her. Not quite the news I would have liked to hear but then again I'd rather be hit with truth than baffled by BS. She has never missed a thing yet. She has book after book filled out from those who she has helped over the years. A college professor invites her to speak each year at a college though this year she has declined. This time she said a blond headed girl will come crying to me broken hearted. A brown headed girl will have a wreck and total her car. Somebody was trying to change a will. I will have to get someone to repair my house. We would take a short pleasure trip. That we would consider moving, maybe even move. There was more but she went so fast I couldn't keep up. One positive thing was quit worrying about the job I had to do, I will do it. Another was she sees no cancer.

  I passed the info on the wreck to Denise and Annie, like she said, nothing is written in stone. God gives us all freewill and the future is not concrete, she only sees possibilities. This is the lady who said I'd buy a black vehicle from a short salt & peppered hair man, but it would not be called black. A few months later I ended up buying the Vulcan which is black but listed as bronze due to the bronze flecking in the paint, and Joseph was a short man with salt and peppered color hair. Once she said I would hurt my arm. A  few months later I tore my rotatory cuff. Said I needed my throat looked a year before the cancer was found. When they found it they estimated it had been there about a year. Said I'd be hiring people to work on the houses and I said I couldn't afford to hire anybody. She said storm, then storms. A week later the storm came and 28 days later another. I'll be 52 this year and I have never seen anything like the two we got. We still have some stuff to finish and had to hire most of the work done. She has had this gift since she drown as a little girl. They live simple, poor, and humble. No internet and limited TV. Sometimes we are given gifts I believe and no matter if we like it or not.

  So today I worked a little in the grapevine area, not much though. It looks a bit better. I tossed a bunch of rocks out of the garden area. If rocks were worth anything I'd be rich. I think we're growing them. I've been looking for a dump truck or a dump bed for the farm. With a small budget it hasn't been easy, she picked up on that without me saying a word. Says I'm looking for a truck and worried how much work it will need. I've found a few but the work they need ain't good. Denise says I'll have to get rid of something, that would be Big Ugly. She'd like for a few more to go but that ain't happening. :)

  I sat on the steps in the front of the house talking to Denise when I look to my arm and drawed back was a small snake about to bite. I hate snakes, thought I'd have to clean my drawers. Trixie and Puppy must have picked up on the fear and kept on until Trixie caught and killed it. It was in the Snow Ball bush that grows close to the rock railing and had crawled up. Denise had a good laugh, she isn't afraid of snakes. Had two calves born and one goat last week. Jennie looks pregnant and hopefully she will foal without problems. If she does it will be the first Donkey born here. Megan has the ducklings in the Sunroom in a Parrot cage and Denise is sort of over me getting her baby ducks. They bring Megan enjoyment so that is good, and they are Mallards so probably when they get older they will fly off, which helped me out of the dog house a little. 


Christina Almeida said...

Hi Anthony - I hope the pneumonia gets better soon. Hope your Vitamin D levels go up too. I will keep you in my prayers. God Bless you and the family : )

anthony7 said...

Thank you Christina. Took a I went backwards today but I'll be back tomorrow.

Christina Almeida said...

I know you will go forward Anthony. Always sending my best to you : )