Thursday, April 19, 2012

04-19-2012 Dr. Panella Follow-up

  We went to UT again today, done a chest X-Ray and then headed up to Dr Panella's office for a follow-up. There was a doctor that was training there, nice fellow, they asked if he could see me too. I have no problem with that. He came in and checked me out, looked up some stuff on the web before he started talking or checking me, but didn't look in the chart. He felt a lump in the side of my neck the tumor was on, except way back. After he left out Dr Panella came into the room and he showed him the lump area, Panella checked but wasn't too concerned. He had me open my mouth and with a light showed him the back of my throat and the deformity the Radiation had left. I guess that is normal for radiation and apparently visible. Now I've been told I have a fowl mouth but never a deformed one. :) The blood work and X-ray results weren't back, but he told me if anything was wrong they'd call me. He said he was calling me in Remission!!! That sounds great to me. He did say that the throat could be stretched and talked about that, but I'd rather Dr. Rathfoot make that call since that is what he does. I don't have to go back until October if the tests are clean. I looked in the Chemo Hut, but they've changed people and I didn't see any that was there when I went. Ruth was off too.

  We headed to Sams while we were in Knoxville and picked up a few things. We came home and I planted the Tomato Plants, tilled and leveled the area for peppers, squash, and watermelon. Denise planted 44 Pepper Plants and Megan planted 12 Squash (I thing). The signs aren't right again until late next week to plant again. If it don't rain we will get the rest out plus the Okra, Beans, and Corn. A friend of mine, Dale, already has his out. He grows a beautiful garden. He works his like we do. Keep the stuff we need and give away the rest. We worked until it was getting dark, plus American Idol was on, then Swamp People. It has been another good day. I could get use to that. Best of all, no engagements, appointments, of need to go here or there, so I get to get dirty.  

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