Friday, April 20, 2012


No call from UT with the test results and the other doctors haven't received copies yet. I'll take this as no news is good news, either that or they haven't had time to review and read the results yet. I'll find out next week I think when I return to Dr. Rathfoot. I think it stays in the back of one's mind "what if ". Meanwhile I will continue to live each day like it is the last as one day it will be. Enjoy, relax, and find peace.

Oh, did I mention the Sign is back, right exactly where it was. How cool is that... Headed from Knoxville to here, right before the Sevierville exit in a field on the right, between 2 hills. 


Yogi said...

Hi Anthony, I just watched your interview on biography and want to thank you for sharing your story. I lost my father many years ago and he was also a man who worked hard and had a lot of toys. :) It was reassuring to hear that you felt loved, forgiven and perfect. I pray he's in a good place and God is there with him. After he died, I felt as though love came from him somehow but I've always wondered if it was my imagination. Hearing your words gives me a lot of comfort. Thank you again. I hope you are feeling well. Sending prayers to you and yours.


anthony7 said...

Hi Stephanie, Thank you for letting me know the story helped to reassure you that your dad is dong great. I don't think it's your imagination, love is what we get to keep when we go. Of all we struggle to get in this world and all we leave behind, love is what we get to keep. Thank you also for the prayers. God Bless