Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Day 3 and I think I'm adjusting pretty decent. I'm back to 2 finger typing again, just different fingers. I took mom to Knoxville for her check up and we stopped at Easy In to cash a check, discovered that keeping control on my finger on the keys isn't the only thing, writing is even harder. It was embarrassing but we had a good laugh. It took a while to write and even then it's hard to read, not that I wrote pretty to start with. Holding a fork took some creative ways, but I done it. I've been practicing writing too as well as typing.

  Denise thinks I may have had a light stroke, honestly I think that is a good possibility. I see Dr Rathfoot next week for a check-up and I really don't want to see a doctor for this. Surely it's done. No numbness in my forehead, just a regular headache, lips aren't numb anymore, and the right hand, arm, and leg slowly working a bit better and what they lack I've figured out ways around the lacking, and the swelling is going down. Just a mild headache in my right eye tonight, probably sinuses. I'll chill for the night like I did yesterday and tomorrow if it's dry enough I'll till the garden. Good chance it could be the discs in my neck got a bit whacked when I strained that day, they've just now started to pop.

  I met an interesting lady at the doctor's office, a drug rep I talked with while waiting. She had breast cancer and also went to UT for treatment. We were at Ft Sanders at the time, lol. She had a mastectomy and is fully in remission. Her husband is a principle at a local school and she was a teacher who decided to be a drug rep. They have a 5 year old daughter. I think how funny that out of that big waiting room she would set the row in front of me, everybody else was on the other side of the room. It seems that everywhere I go I run into people that either have, had, or were effected by someone close who has cancer. One would think that with 95% of then scientist working on ways to make war and 5% on everything else that we would demand it be the other way around.      


David said...

It is a shame that more time and effort is not being spent on health, I agree.

So Anthony when did you have the event that your wife thinks may have been a stroke? Was this a while ago? Also, how are you feeling now since its been a few days.

Praying for you, Janet, Barb and Don!

anthony7 said...

I think it was last Monday afternoon. Still not coordinated with the right hand and leg, but I'm getting there, the headache is gone. I've adjusted some things I do by using then left side where I usually do the right. Still got a lot of fatigue with it, but I'm pushing a little more each day. I think so far so good. Thank you for the prayers.