Monday, April 23, 2012


 No word still so perhaps no news is good news. No copy sent to Rama either so it may just not be read yet. 

   Done a 1st today, hopefully tomorrow it will straighten out itself. I dug mom's drain line and got a bit hot. I got and still have a massive headache in the right side but Excedrin Migraine seems to work to ease it. It hasn't done much for the dizziness or the swelling in the right hand, slurred speech has left but the control of the right arm and hand hasn't returned yet. Got strength in it but no coordination yet, so I've went from 2 finger typing to 1, lol. Denise thinks it might be a nerve pinched. Cool temps with high humidity plus awkward strain could have got the 2 discs in my neck upset, but usually I can pop them and be fine, never had swelling and leg pain with it that I remember. Maybe tomorrow will be better and it'll reset.       


Lori Bei Durst said...

Sorry to hear this Anthony. Take good care of yourself and try and not over do ! :o)

anthony7 said...

Thank you Lori.