Sunday, June 10, 2012


  We went to the beach this week and I wondered how the throat would do in all that sun, we didn't have to find out. We got to spend one and a half days out of five from the rain. I enjoyed watching the ocean from the balcony though, and that was ok too, maybe better. Between the Prednisone and Mt Dews, and eating like a pig, I had another worry too. I figured people would throw water on my and try to roll me in the ocean, lol. Luckily the weather people there do the same drugs these do here and missed the weather altogether. Funny, we got mountains and that makes the weather unpredictable and they have flat land and ocean and that makes the weather unpredictable. Dry, Wet, Flat, Hilly... that pretty much covers the whole earth, lol.

  The gardens have done well so far, some things grow better one year and not the next but by far quicker than I can keep tended. It sounds weird but neither the heat nor the cold agree with the throat after cancer. It gets too hot or too cold it makes it hard to breathe. I wear a large straw hat and a bandanna around my neck and when I mow or bush hog I wear it like a mask. It doesn't make it perfect but better on the next day. I worried that I couldn't keep up this year after the episode but with Megan and Denise's help so far so good. We had a baby Donkey born, first ever here, all ears and legs and Denise has named him Jesse. Megan has two keets she is raising after the mom was killed. I think she has prefers them over her ducks, which are about half grown. Keets are hard to raise and hopefully at least one will be a female.   

  Once again between 4-4:30am I awoke, went to the bathroom and fell. After the stairs event I keep at least one Sierra Mist and Mt Dew upstairs, figured that would eliminate the injuries. I figured wrong. I fell in the bathroom and lucky for me my face caught the wall and tile floor. It knocked me silly. I felt the right side give and boom. Funny, I rolled over and laid there for a moment to think out my options. Megan was in bed and she sleeps without her hearing aids, Denise is on the other end of the house. So I thought I'd yell for help, except I can't yell. Option one is off the table. So I thought I'd lay there until I could get my wits about me, the messed up two discs in my neck were causing intense pain as they swelled. That optioned ended when I felt blood go down my face and into my eyes. I figured that if I got blood on Denise's rugs I would be dead, or wish I was, lol. So I got up and grabbed some Kleenexes and wiped the blood out of my eyes and face, then off the floor. I looked in the mirror to see the damage, then woke Denise up. I had worn my glasses to bed and she picked them up in 3 pieces and cleaned up blood I had missed. So today I've stayed still, watched some TV, heated and cooled my neck, and just chilled. If it's no better by tomorrow I may go to the Schindler, but today I saw no reason to go to the E.R. I think it's probably time for blood work anyway, might as well kill two birds with one stone.       

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