Monday, June 11, 2012


   Went to see Dr Schindler today and let him check me out. I didn't remember to do the blood work, it was nice enough for them to see me as a walk in. He said that what it sounded like I experienced was pretty common after taking my B.P., which was low. He said that probably what had happened was I blacked out from a B.P. drop. The fix for that is when I wake up and before getting out of bed, I need to make a fist and he showed me how with both hands. He said like milking a cow, about 10 times to tell the heart that my body would be moving and kind of like an alarm tell the heart to increase blood flow.

  He prescribed some meds to ease the pain and relax the muscles from the swelling of the discs in my neck. I think the pain ones though were more or less from the gashes on my nose and the hide took off on my forehead, which really don't hurt that bad. I got Dr Jaynes to adjust my glasses today too. A friend of his fell on concrete the same day and they were unplugging him, so it was fatal. So I'm fortunate. I didn't get all the blood cleaned up off the floor like I thought but I didn't get any on the rug, thank God. I can turn my head some tonight but it's gonna take some time to heal. Meanwhile I look like an India guru that a drunk colored the dot all over my forehead. :) 

  The same day also my oldest grandson Josh wrecked on a slip stick? Something like that. He road burnt his knees, hips, and arms, plus broke his wrist and arm. He seems in good spirits. This boy is like all the other grandkids and totally positive. His luck on injuries though I think are inherited or that's what Misty says, lol. Josh said he got to pick the color of his cast and a full recovery is expected. He is a little daredevil and says he will ride whatever that thing is again.  

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