Wednesday, June 27, 2012


  I passed my first test the last couple of days and learned to take breaks and was able to keep up stamina. It wasn't my old pace but better than I've done in a long time. Peanut Beans are small, hence the name and I managed to pick the two 100 foot rolls in two days. The days were cooler and its suppose to be extremely hot for a few days, so I had some incentive. I started yesterday at 8:30am and quit at 8pm, today 9am until 3pm and I was done. I had to wrap the right knee, but that wasn't unusual, had to do that a lot at UPS years ago. For new drivers, listen to what they say. Put the packages on the steps, go outside the package car and walk around, then pick them up. It may look macho to Geronimo out with the package today, but it don't look so macho a few years later. Anyway, It was about 3 bushel of beans. I'm still standing, sorta, lol.

  Megan is breaking them and Denise is canning them. For as much as I love green beans, think it will be a while before I eat anymore. Bobbie had Mark ask for a mess to cook, they never ate any before. She is suppose to come to get them tomorrow. Tickled Megan and Denise not to have to break and can them. She has 42 qts so far and what they have broken now will do between 7 and 14 more quarts, plus there is another 7 + unbroken, we have more than enough to share... and then some.

  I watered the beans and corn for 3 1/2 hours after picking, the other four rolls are coming in, but the corn is not doing well it appears. If it don't, the cows will eat it. The other beans are growing on homemade trellises, no bending as much.  picked the chili peppers snd divided them between Patel and Roma,

So tonight  filly fall asleep. Megan had a boy over his name is Jacob, He said he liked it. We will see.. For now, bedtime    


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