Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Misty

Happy Birthday Misty

Happy birthday kiddo. It's been 33 years so somethings things I forgot, but some I never will. The night you were born Cathy wakes me up and says calmly, "It's time." I rolled over and said, "Time for what?" She says, "It's time." Took a second but I said, "Time for what???"  "Time", she said again. We lived with mom and dad then and I ran out of the bedroom and into theirs and scream, "It's time!!!" Dad was gone out, not sure if he was in the truck or at the motel or headed back. Mom says, "For What?" Then it hit her and out she came running around. We didn't have cell phones back then, not sure anybody did, I guess since she couldn't call dad she called Charlie. Charlie walks over, it's dark, and mom starts the Coffee Maker and actually brews some coffee. So there we three set talking and in walks Cathy with her suitcase. I forget what she said but we all headed towards the car and as we're headed out the door at least one realized that we'd forgot her. Yep, we just ran off and left her standing there. We fly to the hospital and she constantly tells me to slow down, I think we jumped the railroad tracks in town, Morristown's too, lol.

  So back then you had to attend a class in order for a dad to be in the Delivery Room, which was nothing like today. Berkline didn't pay enough for that, so I didn't get to go. They wheel her back and point me to the waiting room, which is small, smoky, and crowded just a tad. There was a guy waiting there who worked for the hospital who's wife was giving birth too. He has been there for hours and hours, so I figured I would be too. I'm not sure who, but somebody asked how many cigarettes I could smoke at the same time, I had 3 lite, then other guy just had 2. We hear a loud whistle coming down the Hallway, it was Dr Brock. He is just casually strolling along, whistling as he went. I ask him, "So Doc, what do you think it'll be?" Brock stopped whistleing, and said, "A Baby."

  He was going to let me in, but you came fast, so I didn't get to go. So here this dude and me set, smoking away.  We heard what sounded like an exorcism happening. This woman literally cusses everybody and everything that even attempted to live, lived, or ever would. "That's my wife shouted", the guy shouted and ran that way. The Doctor comes out as as he enters the Hallway he starts whistling again. All he said was "A baby". I thought about bragging and saying I'd put it back if it was a girl long and hard, so I hit the bathroom and started apologizing and begging you'd be healthy earlier. Funny, we only had a girl's name picked out all those months.

  I still wasn't allow back in to see, so I stayed outside the door and paced. The other guy that night went up and down the hall with a plastic bag with his wife's afterbirth wanting everybody to see. Yea, grossing everybody out, lol. They came rolling down a baby in a bubble, my heart skipped. You were white as a sheet and bald, but I just caught a glance and knew you were you. The most beautiful person I'd ever saw and you captured my heart right then.  That was the night you were born, from my perspective.

  I liked the name April and we thought we would add the name of someone else in the family, but nothing seemed to ring with April. Even when me and BB were kids we had picked out what we would name our kids, kind weird for boys I know. BB's name he loved was Misty, which sounded good with April. Being born on Annie's birthday Cathy wanted to name you after her, but Annie had been explicate to bring a new name into the family and not. Annie was born July 1st, 1894. Cathy understood though Annie was hinting, I didn't and I should have. To the day Annie died she never once spoke your name, but called you "Baby", and she usually called you "My Baby".



Misty said...

What a wild night lol. I loved reading that, made me teary-eyed. Poor Annie, she must not have liked my name lol. Wish I remembered more about her than I do.....thank you for posting that :) love you!

anthony7 said...

I love you too kid, more than you will ever know.

Annie loved you and she got mad at me for not naming you after her. Took her 2 weeks to talk to me, lol. She made me promise that I would bring a new name into the family. Looking back, think it was a hint to do the opposite, but you know me, I can't take hints, lol. She never called you by your name, but called you Baby, usually with My Baby before or after it.

When we brought you home, Annie was the first to hold you. She had been very sick from the cancer and I worried she would drop you, so I told her I was worried. She looked at me and said I've raised more babies then you'll ever see. I think I can hold her... ain't dropped one yet.

No matter how sick she got she would always smile when you came. She loved having a joint birthday party, she wasn't much on her birthdays until you came. Annie smiled more than I'd ever seem in all those years when you came. Look back at the post and I'll edit and put a picture up of you two. Love Ya