Thursday, June 21, 2012


  Denise filled me in on what the dizzy spells could be coming from, a side effect of one of the meds that I've taken since the heart attack. She usually is a walking drug book and maybe just didn't think about it. Then again maybe I didn't mention it to her. :) The last time I did I had a high BP and got the second pill and another heart cath a few years ago. 

  This morning while brushing my two teeth that hold the bottom partial in, well, actually my only two teeth, the right one came out. Thats the one that keeps coming out but the night I decided to kiss the tile in the bathroom it felt kind of funny. I called the dentist and guess what, they won't be back until Monday. Fortunately the rod came out too. I'm not sure how long it's suppose to be but it looks kinda long. I also feel asleep one night before the fall with my teeth in, and I use to grind my teeth when I sleep.

  I've battled back and forth on what to do with it until then. I can put it in the partial then slowly made the rod go in the hole and as long as it ain't sticky I can eat and all works well. Doc said they might not work when we discussed doing them with the lack of saliva. I got up early and picked Peanut Beans until the heat came then me and Megan took ours and mom's trash off, went to get cat food, then to TSC. Ran up to the Dollar General to get some Gorilla Glue. Went back out and repaired my goof on the repair on the lawn mower, added another sprinkler and attached it. Then it was almost 9pm and Denise had supper ready, the Peanut Bean left over from the run with Potatoes and Bacon to flavor it. Watched Swamp People and then I realized that if I glue the rod back in with Gorilla Glue it wouldn't have time to set before I feel asleep, and I'd really not want to awaken to one tooth tomorrow.

  I'll wait until tomorrow, pick beans early, lack one more side of the Peanut Beans (only ones ready now), then when the heat starts I'll come inside and line up and glue it back in, I'll have to be careful not to glue it to the partial. I may though wait until Monday. The tooth break is under the gum line and It will be hard to get it glued back in without risk of gluing it all together, plus the glue will probably burn a tad. If this thing will stretch out until my insurance resets I think I'll have the two pulled and a denture made.

  The throat is doing good, even with the poor air quality they keep talking about and the heat. I've ditched the hat since my hair covers the back of my neck and I wear a Bandana rolled and tired around that covers most of it. I think slowly the effects of the radiation are weakening, plus I'm a little more careful by observing the UVB hours and taking more breaking or working in the shade after 1pm when they become UVA. As of today, I take my thermos with me outside and drink just water, no soft drinks when outside. Seems less is needed, plus I throw some ice in it and there is a faucet or water-hose always somewhere close when I need a refill.

  Just one more side of a row to go on the Peanut Beans, 100 ft, and I get a break from them for about a week, then the other four rows will start about a week after that, half white runners then greasybacks. Denise got 7 qts canned tonight and Megan is breaking tomorrows tonight for another run. Tomorrow Denise will do Bread & Butter Pickles and another run of Peanut Beans. I'm slower than I use to be by a long shot but stamina is slowly coming about. I've learned to not set as high a goal or at least try and not get too frustrated when I don't get a lot done. I think I'll be here the exact amount of time that I'm suppose to be, and I think I'll be around just long enough to get whatever it is that I was put here done.

  One weekend we are going to get on the bike, swing by and get some KFC and head in the mountains, towards Cherokee, NC or Cling's Dome, Cades Cove, who knows, maybe all three. Pull over along side the road and have a picnic. Walk around a bit until the feeling comes back in our butts, then ride some more. Make a few more memories because life is a terrible thing to waste.   

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