Monday, June 18, 2012


Today I finally got the dizzy spells caught... I think. I rebuilt the deck on the riding mower and broke the belt. Totally my fault since it was obvious that Noah probably used this thing way before I got it, plus I ain't been easy on it since I've had it either. :) Nobody here has the belt so I went on Amazon to order it and while I was looking I hit a major dizzy spell. Double vision and a tired feeling come and go at random, sometimes a lot and sometimes days apart. This time I was sitting at the desk and it hit me to grab the blood pressure machine and check. The spell was almost over by the time I thought to do it and got it strapped on. The BP was low at 107/70 and that was at the end of the spell.

   I'm not sure what brings them on. I had been outside fixing the lawn mower. It was hot but I used air tools, so it wasn't like I was straining. I wasn't stressed, I kinda expected it to break, just too cheap to buy one when I bought the other parts. A lot of times they hit while I'm driving and I've learned to close one eye to lessen the double vision, that usually helps. On the bike I pull over to the side of the road if it goes on for a while or gets too hard. I've had these since before my heart attack in 05, then they stopped, now they're back, have been for quite a while. No pain involved, sometimes fatigue and sometimes not. Strange. Tonight my BP is 116/85. We've still left off the one BP med and that also took care of the need for a Potassium supplement, which Denise gave me because it was a diuretic. The neck seems frozen in time, tonight's back pop didn't do anything. I went back to 5mg of Prednisone from 10 as the swelling seems to be better. Tonight I started eating smaller portions to hopefully lose weight. Between that and picking beans next week maybe my feet will come more into view. :)



David said...

Those blood pressure readings don't seem THAT low to me. (NOTE: I AM NOT A DOCTOR!!!)

Either way, as a man who has had a heart attack, I can only assume it is better to have lower BP than it is to have high BP!

Are you keeping yourself hydrated? I know when my wife gets hot and is dehydrated her BP just plummets and she has fainted before. She already has low BP so getting dehydrated is a big no no for her.

Well I hope you get a handle on this newest obstacle, Anthony. I'll be prayin' for ya!

anthony7 said...

I don't think they are either David, but I caught it towards the tail end of the spell. Dr Schindler must have seen it a bit lower that day, I probably should have asked him. Those are taken without the extra BP pill they put me on so I'd imagine it was a lot lower. I had a hard time keeping hydrated too when I took it. Denise said the side effect of it was it was a diuretic, which probably explained the frequent bathroom trips. So far though my BP has stayed decent since I've come off it. I know at the time I needed it but something must have changed, now if I could get rid of the other one. When I lost all that weight during treatments I didn't have to take any. I'm cutting down on portion size and Mt Dews and doing more water.