Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Birthday

   My birthday was last weekend. Me and Misty are exactly 18 years and 51 weeks apart. Matt, Misty and the kids came down. Mom, Denise, Megan, Annie & TC were all here and we done the cake thing. I can't figure out what would make Denise think I could blow out 52 candles, lol, but I tried.They watched Madea on the TV, I came in and watched a lot of it. Funny stuff there. Josh got his cast off, except for his wrist and Brandon puts one on today. Kaden got hurt in between and Baby has come out so far, uninjured. I think they have a little Papaw in 'em, lol.

  Monday and today rain, thank you God. I went a little overboard with the gardens and lost control of them, couldn't pick the beans fast enough. I needed seed anyway I guess. Denise has canned, I've picked, and Megan has broke and stringed them. I've kept in today, kinda pushed the throat thing in the heat and beans several times so far. Plus I was invited as a guest on Vickie Monroe's web TV and I needed enough voice to be heard, plus I didn't need to show up sweaty and rough, lol.  Starla was the host tonight, Vickie was sick. It was fun. Starla done an excellent job and I talked to her the other night, the lady is impressive on knowledge and I think has a good heart.

  Slowly losing some weight and come the end of the month when I go back for my check-up with Rathfoot, hopefully I'll has lost some. Water during the day when in the garden, then Mt Dews, which I need to leave off entirely at night. My throat is swelled inside, hopefully it will be back down before I go.  Something in the Tomatoe garden that don't like me... and I don't care too much for it either, lol. I wonder if it don't like Denise, her eye is swollen and red today after picking tomatoes.


David said...

Don't have a lot of time tonight but I just wanted to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANTHONY! I hope you had a relaxing time. It's been raining like crazy here in Houston too!

anthony7 said...

Thank you David.