Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Farewell Tommy

 Tommy Musick died today from his cancer. I mentioned him earlier, but didn't give his last name. Both he and his wife Rita battle it together and won a few years back, and by that I mean they both were diagnosed. Tommy got a different kind this time and lost. A grim reminded that this stuff is all too real and battles are tough. I meant to go see him a few days ago when I heard, but stayed in the garden and thought I'd do it tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes. So let me tell you about this man.

 Tommy was a Christian and was always in church except when he was sick. Those that know me know that don't mean nothing, going to church, but Tommy was different. If you met him out he didn't have to have a sticker or talk about his faith, unless you asked him, but you knew without asking. He would gladly tell you whatever you asked, but he was interested in you. This man wanted to know how you are, if you needed anything, what you liked, and what you were interested in. He was one of the few people who asked how ya doing, and meant it. He actually cared. There are so many things to talk about, and so many things he was interested in, but he wanted to know about you, just you. No motives involved, no judgements, just how are you and what you've been doing. Through my treatments he would stop by the office and talk to mom.  

  He would laugh and make you laugh. I pondered today and you know, I never heard a dirty word out of his mouth, a far cry from mine. I never heard him negative and never heard an unkind word. This man could find the good in anybody or anything that happened. He loved everybody, but especially his wife of 46 years. Considering he was 66 that says a lot about both. He didn't beat the war drums, I suspect he saw enough of that in Nam, though he served his duty and was honored to do so.

  He loved cars, old cars and he loved his Moped, something I enjoyed teasing him about. Once he came to the office, on a cold day on it. He had a leather jacket on with fringes (tassels like) hanging down the arms, etc. This thing screamed biker. I asked him if he was turning Evil Knievel on us and he smiled and said, "I look cool in this don't I. To get the full effect I do this." He raised his arm and smacked the flanges with the other hand to make them move. "It won't go fast enough to move them, so I have to move them myself."

  As he served in the military, so he served his community, family, friends, and strangers... honorably. Tommy fought the good fight and though it may appear he lost, he won. Surely the world grows a bit darker by his passing and Heaven a bit brighter by his return. I will not say good-bye but farewell, and pray I see him again one day. If by chance I don't, it will be by my own lacking because he is already there. This man was good, decent, kind, peaceful, and gentle. The world will probably never know him, just like others that lived and died selflessly for they never seek fame or fortune. They live to serve, perhaps the hardest thing to do, and this man served. He served God, Jesus, and people around him. There are a lot of people who read this blog and so I wanted you to know that a good man went home today and will be sorely missed by many. That is important. Men and women such as Tommy don't build a corporation, act, write books, or jump high buildings and the media never reports them. They quietly change the world, brighten people's world, and move mountains in their love and kindness.

  So I say farewell Tommy, I will see you later, hold a spot for me my friend. Thank you for being everybody's friend, especially mine. I am honored and humbled that God would allow me to have such a man as you as a friend. You have always inspired many of us to be better people, though we fall short. I love you.   


Christina Almeida said...

Hi Anthony,

I am sorry to hear about Tommy, but I also know he is at peace. He shows like a wonderful man. I also will pray for Rita for sorrow too.

Happy Birthday to Misty !!! My uncle's birthday was on the 3rd too. He was over our house today, and unfortunately suffered from a stroke. He was admitted today, so hopefully things will be okay.

I hope you and the family had some time together today for the 4th, and as always I will keep you in my prayers. Wishing you and your family well.

God Bless,

David said...

Hi Anthony,

I too am sorry to hear about Tommy. There is never anything anyone can ever say to make times like this easier, so all I can offer is heartfelt condolences. It's times like these that always remind us to call or visit the ones we love as much as we can. So go see Barb again! :)

I hope Misty had a wonderful birthday. It was very touching reading your memories of the day she was born.

anthony7 said...

Thanks Christina. Rita has her plate full right now. I saw her at the Funeral Home and she said her mom isn't doing too well either. I'm sorry to hear about your uncle, how is he doing? Will he recover full? I'll keep him and you in my prayers.

David, you would have to have met Tommy, what an inspiration he has been all his life. Your right, I need to go see Barb again, thought of her and Don the other day. The last time I was over there we talked about growing Tobacco and other farm chores. Don was a city boy but he knew what we were talking about. Like Rita and Tommy, Don and Barb are always seen together. Misty loved that memory, not sure if I'd even told her that or not. I wrote one on Annie for her after she asked that I did.

God Bless, Anthony