Tuesday, January 19, 2010


  Just two more to go! There were a lot of new faces in radiation today as students were there. They were all nice and chipper.  The ones that have had to take a break still aren't back, I pray they are all ok.

  I'm down to two small meals now and I think I have it down just how to do it. Oral balance biotene and the spray biotene, Lidocane, and some Morphine. That usually allows me a slow, soft eat... just have to watch getting choked.

  After treatment today I met with Dr Green. He looked in my throat and on the outside of my throat. He said that if I weren't as close as I am that he would recommend taking a break, but since I was this close it was my decision. I told him I needed 1 Valium (part of the cocktail) to complete Thursday's treatment. He prescribed me 2. Those are definitely not my favorite but they chill me out and eventually knock me out, lol.  With just 2 treatments left more I'm going for it.

  After getting choked on a pill this morning, seems like it took miles to get it to release, and then again tonight, I'm going back to the Liquid Morphine. Funny how pain can overcome fear. I'm still doing the Miracle Mouthwash twice a day.  Me and Charlie hit Shoney's breakfast bar again. That has become a staple. That will be the only thing I'll miss when this stuff is over, the talks and eating with Charlie.

  Denise has kept the maiderm on my neck pretty constant and I am running 2 cool mist humidifiers and 1 warm mist humidifier. Tonight before bed I will take the liquid Morphine, 20 mg so I can get some sleep. That is becoming a rare item. I sleep until I feel the pain in my mouth and throat from the dryness and cracking, wake up and use the biotene spray and oral balance and attempt to go back to sleep. When that fails I resort to the liquid Morphine. That will usually buy me at least a couple of hours.

  The swelling inside has left ear referred pain, odd, it was the right, but nowhere near the extent of the right. Then again, I am wearing a pain patch.

  I went to start my car today and the battery was dead so I decided to once again drive to Sears, bought a new battery and then it started, lol. I went to Lowes, TSC, a couple of car parts places, right up until I got tired and came home. It was nice to get out. Funny thing was, the cheapest vehicle we have had to boost my everyday car, lol. We looked once again at Denise's Mountaineer, it overheated again. Watched some American Idol and now it's bed time.

  Come Friday when Denise and me go to see Dr. Panella, hopefully I can say I am done with radiation.  

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