Sunday, February 7, 2010


  Denise and me certainly done our share of running yesterday... and it was fun. Today though I have paid for yesterday's fun. My throat has been extremely raw and sore and I have just ran out of energy. Today I just lazied around except for starting the instillation of a new dishwasher. It should have been about an hour job. Come to find out it needs a special reducer elbow and I just wasn't up to a trip to Morristown to get one. That will have to be finished tomorrow. This is going to take longer than I thought to get back on my feet. Yesterday Denise said she could tell I was tired. I started losing my balance and dragging my feet rather than picking them up and walking. Personally I didn't notice. 

  Denise noticed some new hair growth on my head. It is coming in part black and part gray or blond, not sure which yet. I have a "soul patch" attempting to grow, lol. It is gray but I'll take hair any color at this point, lol.

  The rash is still ongoing. Old ones dry while new ones start. It is painful to some degree. My skin is still showing the signs of dehydration so I will go back some time this week and get more fluids.

 Swallowing has been all but impossible today. It hurts when i do and when I don't and getting choked is very easy to do. I will skip the blood thinner pill for fear of not being able to swallow it.

  I wonder sometimes just how long it will take. It does get a bit depressing after being so active for so long. Add that to not having hair and muscles, and it gets to me sometimes.

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