Friday, February 5, 2010

Check Up

  We met with Panella today for my check-up. It was a mixed bag of good and bad, but mostly good.

   I assume that my blood work was good, but they never went over it. I can go back on my blood thinners again since my platelets are back up to normal range. He looked into my throat and saw it was still swelled and scared. He said that was the reason for the pain still swallowing and the reason that sometimes (often) the food if I eat too fast goes up my nose. That should get better as time goes along. He said to eat slow and get some stuff that is thicker to drink or makes what you drink thicker.  If that doesn't work, they will have to stretch my throat.

    He said the pain patch was the reason for my fatigue and so we start the drop to 50 mg for 2 weeks then to 25 mg for 2 weeks the no patch...Thank God. I can't wait to be rid of that.

  I still need hydration but I should be needing less as time goes along.

  The bad was the rash wasn't explained. He said he would take a biopsy of it if it is still there next appointment. He has no idea why my forehead is numb. He also does not know why I had that day I lost my balance completely for over 24 hours.  Also he had no explanation of where or why I threw up blood lately a few times.

  The numbness in my hands and feet, along with what feels like voltage that comes from my feet to my head every step I take (no pain though) are side effects from the Chemo and should go away eventually. Also included in that is the bone pain that I experience and the soreness in the pads of my feet.

  Good part is that Denise says it looks like I have fine hairs growing back! I even have what looks like a "soul patch" growing, lol. The neck and beard area though will not come back as they burnt the hair follicles out. That just means less I have to shave, lol.


  I discussed with Denise and we will have my Thyroid levels checked. From what Dr Green said the radiation treatment will burn out my Thyroid Gland in time. To be sure it isn't time a simple test can be done. I awoke at 4am, nothing unusual, I almost do every night. As usual, I got o the computer and started to research. This could account for the rash, staying cold, foggy memory, muscle cramps and a lot of other things going on right now. Why this isn't checked when they draw blood who knows, especially since it is a known effect of the radiation. One of the sites I found is at . 
  It is geared to women but I think skipping a few things, lol, it has a lot of info that applies to both genders.

  Now... back to bed.

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