Tuesday, February 2, 2010


  We went to the Chemo Hut again today and they gave me 2 bags of fluids and something else to ease me, but don't know what. It kept me asleep all the day. from about 9am until 1:30pm. When I got up was a bit dizzy but I figured it would wear off since I was also still sleepy. I walked into the back f some man's truck heading for Charlie's truck, lol, he was sitting it in. As I walked on past I bumped into his mirror, what a funny look he gave, lol. As long as i am sitting down, I'm ok, but let me get up and attempt to stand still or walk and suddenly I look like a drunk. It made eating a Shoney's buffet a real challenge. We also checked out a new salvage store and Charlie told me to watch out a lot as I bumper into many things on my right side.

  Denise came home and we went to Sears to get a new Dishwasher. She held onto me so I could walk straight. She watched me clumsy bounce off things and when we stopped to talk with Linda on a machine, I finally gave up and leaned on one of the ones in the isle.Then we went to Walmart, again she guided me.

  When we got home she had me grip her hands with mine, push up and the down with my legs... everything was normal. Just a while ago she had me look into her eyes facing her and noticed that my right eye is lower. She thinks I may have suffered a mini stroke. The right eye is drooping.

  I'm going to try and get more Thursday and I'll ask, if not then Friday when I see Panella I will put that on the list.

  Despite sleeping all day.. it has still been a good day. 

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