Wednesday, February 3, 2010


  I got up early this morning and I had my balance back pretty much. Sill a bit shaky but at least I'm able to walk without going to the right and bumping into everything. It's still unclear what happened and we will mention the event to Panella Friday at the office visit.

  Tonight the numb feeling in my forehead is back, not sure what that is all about either. The rash seems to be drying up on some place while new places form right beside them. I've stayed very fatigued today and about 3:30pm fell asleep for about an hour or so.

  Just a trip to Dandridge to register Big Ugly and get insurance of Misty' house wore me out. I've got a good appetite lately so I'm sure that I've gained. the back of my throat is dry to the point of being painful yet I make saliva. Numbness is still in my hands and feet and bone pain today.

   Not a bad day but I guess I am just so ready to have not just a not a bad day, but a good day. At this point I would take what I would call a bad day just a year ago.

  Megan took a picture of me and I didn't even know who that was in the picture, depressing.  

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