Thursday, February 4, 2010


  We went back to UT today and got more liquids and less Lorazapan this time. I slept through the session but when I awoke I wasn't drunk feeling. Even with all these lately I still have a very dry, swollen throat. The rash has advanced and some of my skin feels rough like a reptile. The lady giving the IV sorta freaked out at my arm when she saw the rash. She said that she was going to get Ruth to take a look but never did to my knowledge.

  Tomorrow is a scheduled appointment with Panella, so we get him to look at it. It almost looks like CTCL but then it also looks a bit different too. Parts of it burn, parts of it itch, parts of it hurts, but mostly it is just there. If I knew for sure it was the CTCL I could start up the NBUVB machine and do some treatments. The front pads of my feet still feel puffy but they don't look puffy.

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