Thursday, April 15, 2010


  What a trip, what a day. Me and Charlie went to my first treatment in the Hyperbolic Oxygen Chamber. A few times I felt pressure in my chest and in my throat, the chest part was a bit worrisome. You set in a pretty comfortable chair, blankets are offered, and entertainment is given. They place two cushions under your feet where it will take the load off your legs, thus reducing the chance of blood clots from forming. I'm not sure if that is possible side effect three or the causes of the first two side effects, lol. The hardest thing is going 45 minutes without moisture in my mouth. If you ever wondered what the worse side effect of chemo is, it is dry mouth. It isn't the dry mouth that most think, very, very, painful.

  I had a partially drank bottle of water with the cap screwed on firmly. As we pressurized the bottle began to collapse, I truly believe that it would have imploded if had I not had taken the pressure off it several times. There is a blue plastic ring with a latex type stuff in the center of it which they trim for a very firm and tight fit around the neck. They do make sure it isn't choking you. two plastic hoses are attached to the bottom of the ring. Then there is the hood which is clear plastic, thick plastic. It attaches to the ring and oddly enough it goes from limber to firm. While I was awaiting the attachment of the hood to the ring it reminded me of Darth Vader when he took his helmet off so naturally I couldn't resist saying a line from Star wars. "Luke... I'm your father". It got a good laugh.

  I'm not too sure just how this will go but so far I do believe in it, I have no idea why. I'm not sure but I felt rather energized leaving and ran completely out of gas this evening. Thanks to a truck carrying a load of lumber and a fork lift that apparently was getting paid by the hour instead of the mile, we were late getting home. This idiot was flying down I-40 when he lost a plank about 6 inches long. It barely missed the windshield... guess who's side, lol. It did hit Charlie's truck in the fender then bounced off taking the mirror with it. This jerk was doing t one time over 80 mph. We know this because we had to keep up with him long enough to get his truck number and again to get the tag number. He was dangling another piece a little longer. Hopefully nobody else got hit by his rockets. ProBuilders should be tickled to have such a job scared moron working for them.    

  Hopefully they can reverse this radiation effect before it closes off my throat completely, not exactly the way I want to go. We got a call from NG today and we will be going to the studio soon to do the interview with a month or so for Beyond and Back.     


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