Sunday, April 18, 2010


  I've had an excessive amount of pain and fatigue the last few days and while my voice has bettered itself a little, very little, the pain has doubled if not tripled. My neuropathy seems to be backing off finally.

  Friday, I'm still getting over it. I actually feel asleep at the wheel. I almost ran into a yellow Mustang stopped at a red light. I missed by averting to the emergency lane. Maybe it is one of the two new pills? Loratab has not touched the pain lately, only Morphine will suffice.The swallowing has increasingly been harder and harder to do with less and less working for me. At times I feel like I'm on fire inside yet I don't run a fever.

   It seems that I have stayed either zoned out or asleep lately. The things I have gotten accomplished have been done so either with Megan or Denise actually doing most of it. I feel like I'm going backwards again.

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