Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dr Rathfoot follow-up 06-15-2010

Me and Denise went to Dr Rathfoot for a follow-up today. He scoped me again and felt of my glands and from observation he sees no cancer. We asked him about all the things lately that have gone wrong or seems not improved much. His response was that it would just take more time and told us he had a patient last week that lost his throat.

He looked and said that I am now out of the woods as far as removing my larynx... thank God. He said he wasn't sure if I would be able to keep it after the radiation damage and that it really didn't look too favorable but now that has all changed. The Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy has worked! He said the swelling really hasn't went down much but that the irritation and redness are gone. He has prescribed more HBOT to hopefully finish it up. He prescribed me Zantac or something like that to use with the Nexxum to help control the reflux. Panella's visit is tomorrow. It should be interesting.

We came home and I guess I overdone it a bit yesterday, I just couldn't get started today. The neuropathy seems to be easing off a bit but nowhere near enough. I walk like a duck. I did manage to get off my butt by evening and bushhog the field in front of the house and picked 16 cucumbers. I divided them up evenly between houses, each got 4. We had visitors tonight that I had not seen in many a year, his daughter I had never met. Now it is about bedtime.


kim said...

Remember those lifestyle changes for reflux, they are the best prevention... Great news by the way

anthony7 said...

I remember the one about not eating a lot before bedtime. Got anymore???